Top 10 AI Email Generator Tools in 2024

We send emails every day as a modern mode of communication. Emails are essential to our digital networking as we grow our online presence and bandwidth. However, as we continue sending many emails at a time, it can become tedious to write emails in bulk. This is where AI email generators come in, offering a revolutionary approach to email writing.

AI email generators are software applications powered by artificial intelligence that assist users in crafting email content. These tools analyze your input and the context of your email to generate drafts and suggest subject lines, greetings, and body text. AI can even personalize emails based on the recipient’s information, ensuring your message resonates with the reader to grab your attention.

Why are AI Email Generators Gaining Popularity?

The rise of AI email generator can be attributed to their ability to address challenges in email communication:

AI automates repetitive tasks like filling out email fields and suggesting content, freeing up valuable time for more strategic work.
By optimizing emails to specific recipients, AI generators enhance engagement and make your message more relevant.
Built-in grammar and spell checkers ensure professional communication by minimizing typos and grammatical mistakes.
AI helps craft concise and clear messages, ensuring your point is delivered effectively.

The volume of emails we encounter daily necessitates automation in email writing. The average person receives over 100 emails a day, and manually crafting each message can be extremely time-consuming. Many emails involve repetitive tasks like greetings, introductions, and closings. AI automation channels these processes, allowing you to focus on more important matters. AI email generators can analyze your writing style and ensure consistency in your communication.

Below is the list of 10 email generator tools that can make your life easy and better:

1. OpenAI’s GPT-3.5

OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 stands out as a strong AI language model for creating effective emails. This sophisticated technology recognizes the context of your communication, ensuring that your message is appropriate for the recipient and the purpose.

GPT-3.5 goes beyond simple prompts to create extensive text for your email body. You may customize its ideas to your writing style, allowing the final work to flow organically. Take the tool to the next level by combining it with an undetectable AI tool to humanize the content. This AI model is useful for a variety of communication activities, including creating marketing text and providing individualized customer care responses.

While using GPT-3.5’s capabilities may necessitate some technical knowledge due to integration requirements, its high accuracy and natural language production make it an attractive option for anyone looking to increase their email writing speed and personalization.

2. MailChimp’s AI Content Assistant

MailChimp’s AI Content Assistant provides a user-friendly approach to AI email production designed exclusively for email marketing campaigns. This AI technology is fully integrated into the MailChimp platform and provides automated content suggestions to help you improve your workflow.

While MailChimp’s Assistant does not create full email bodies like some AI models, it is excellent at optimizing your email structure and proposing relevant content. This makes it ideal for individuals who use MailChimp for marketing campaigns and newsletter generation. However, it is vital to note that this AI assistant is only available to MailChimp subscribers, so if you use another email marketing platform, you will be unable to utilize its functions.

3. Salesforce’s Einstein

Salesforce’s Einstein takes a different approach. It’s not a standalone email writing tool, but rather an AI assistant integrated within the Salesforce CRM platform. Einstein focuses on enhancing your CRM workflows by providing features like:

Leverage pre-built and customizable email templates specifically designed for common sales outreach scenarios.

Einstein analyzes data to suggest the most relevant recipients and predict potential outcomes, ensuring you target the right people with the most impactful messages.

Seamlessly connect Einstein’s functionalities with other Salesforce tools you use, creating a cohesive workflow for managing customer interactions.

This integration with CRM workflows makes Salesforce Einstein a valuable asset for sales teams. However, it is important to remember that using Einstein requires a Salesforce subscription, so it might not be suitable for everyone.

4. HubSpot’s AI Email Generator

HubSpot’s AI Email Generator rounds out our exploration of AI tools for crafting impactful emails. Built directly into HubSpot’s marketing suite, this AI assistant provides suggestions for your email content, channeling the writing process.

A strength of HubSpot’s offering is its focus on automated personalization. By analyzing data, it can optimize emails to specific recipients, increasing engagement and ensuring that the message resonates with the reader.

Compared to some standalone AI email generators, HubSpot’s tool might offer less flexibility in customization. While it excels within the HubSpot ecosystem, if you require a high degree of control over the exact wording and style of your emails, other options might be more suitable.

5. Grammarly’s Email Assistant

Capping off our exploration of AI email tools is Grammarly’s Email Assistant. Unlike the others, Grammarly doesn’t take the lead on content creation. Instead, it acts as a powerful editor, ensuring your existing email drafts are polished and professional.

Grammarly’s AI shines in its real-time suggestions, helping you refine grammar, improve tone, and strengthen the overall style of your writing. This makes it a valuable asset for crafting clear, concise, and professional emails, particularly useful for scenarios like customer service responses or important business communication. However, if you’re looking for an AI tool to generate entire email bodies from scratch, Grammarly might not be the best fit. Its strength lies in refining your existing drafts, not creating new content.

6. Lemlist

Lemlist takes a unique approach to AI-powered email communication, functioning as a complete outreach platform rather than just a content generator. This AI-driven tool excels at automating email sequences, a perfect solution for managing large-scale sales campaigns or cold outreach efforts.

Lemlist’s strength lies in its ability to personalize emails at scale, ensuring your outreach resonates with each recipient even when sending a high volume of messages. While it offers some content suggestions and automation features, Lemlist might be less flexible for those seeking highly customized content creation for each individual email. It shines in managing the strategic aspects of outreach campaigns.

7. Phrasee

Phrasee takes a data-driven approach to optimizing marketing emails with AI. This tool generates components like attention-grabbing subject lines and persuasive email body content. Phrasee analyzes past performance to understand what resonates with your audience, ensuring your marketing messages are high-performing.

It even incorporates A/B testing to determine which versions of your emails convert best. While Phrasee excels in marketing automation, its focus is primarily on campaign optimization, so if your needs are broader and include crafting other types of emails, you might want to consider a more versatile AI tool.

8. Conversica

Conversica caters specifically to sales communication, offering an AI-powered virtual assistant to your outreach efforts. This tool tackles tasks like automated lead follow-up and generates sales-focused email content.

Conversica excels in managing the sales funnel, keeping communication timely and persuasive throughout the customer journey with features like automated lead-nurturing emails. However, unlike some general-purpose AI email generators, Conversica’s functionalities are geared toward sales communication and might not be suitable for crafting other types of emails.

9. provides a powerful AI-driven sales interaction tool that goes beyond email creation. This software excels in automating processes like lead nurturing, with features such as creating and managing automated email sequences.

It also includes A/B testing to help you improve your outreach approach and data analytics to track performance. While uses AI to improve email automation, its features are focused on sales and outreach communication. If your requirements are larger and include creating emails for purposes other than sales, you may want to look into a more versatile AI platform.

10. Writesonic’s AI Email Generator

Wrapping up our exploration of AI email generation tools, we have Writesonic’s AI Email Generator. This tool stands out for its versatility, offering the ability to craft emails for a wide range of purposes. From marketing campaigns to customer service responses and even general communication, Writesonic provides customizable email templates and allows you to select the desired tone for your message. This flexibility makes it a valuable asset for anyone seeking to streamline their email writing across various scenarios.

It important to consider that Writesonic’s AI generation might require some manual adjustments for emails requiring a high degree of context specificity. For instance, a highly technical email to a colleague might need some fine-tuning to ensure precise terminology is used. Writesonic’s strength lies in its adaptability, making it a well-rounded option for those who need an AI tool that can handle diverse communication needs.


By carefully evaluating your needs and exploring the functionalities of different AI email generators, you can enjoy the power of AI to transform your email communication in 2024. Remember, AI is a valuable assistant, not a replacement for human expertise. Utilize these tools strategically to craft impactful and personalized emails while saving precious time and boosting your overall productivity.

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