AeroLeads vs LinkedIn Sales Navigator (updated 2019)

I had written an article on LinkedIn sales navigator for Social Media Examiner a few months back which got a lot of visibility. We are getting frequent inquiries about how AeroLeads work with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and how are they different. To answer all those questions, I thought to write a blog post covering all aspects of sales navigator and AeroLeads and how they are different as well as complement each other.

AeroLeads vs LinkedIn Sales Navigator

1. AeroLeads is Email and Phone Number finder – LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a really good tool to find prospects and send them inmail but you can’t move the data outside LinkedIn. AeroLeads, on the other hand, is a b2b sales prospecting tool which helps you to find emails and phone numbers by searching the web in real-time by crawling the web. AeroLeads find data from various sources like social media, company websites, various data directories, data APIs etc.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is for searching and filtering relevant prospects. AeroLeads take it from there on and can find emails and phone numbers of people and businesses which you can export as CSV or to other marketing and email platforms.

3. Team Features – LinkedIn Sales Navigator is mostly used by an individual whereas AeroLeads can be used by teams and group as they can share account.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator only works with LinkedIn (obviously) whereas AeroLeads work on sites like Crunchbase, AngelList, as well as offers, a feature like exporting data from a CSV file. In fact, AeroLeads can be used on any site as you can add prospect data from the chrome plugin widget.

5. AeroLeads allows data to be exported into CSV – With AeroLeads, you can export your data to CSV or transfer to CRMs like salesforce, as well allow it to get transferred to CRMs like Salesforce or mailing software like MailChimp with 1 Click.

6. Support – LinkedIn sales navigator is a DYI tool with no support from LinkedIn which is understandable considering it is such a huge company. AeroLeads on the other hand, offer chat, email and phone support to its users.

To summarise, both AeroLeads and LinkedIn Sales Navigator are complementary tools. Sales Navigator being more horizontal and AeroLeads more vertical. You can use tools like AeroLeads along with sales navigator to get the best out from both the platforms.

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