AeroLeads vs EmailHunter Comparison

EmailHunter ( is one of the biggest email searching tool on the web and many of our users ask what is the difference between EmailHunter and AeroLeads. So we thought to make a post putting down the differences between them. In terms of feature, they are totally different software even though both are prospecting and lead generation software.


1. Allows prospecting from various websites.
2. Do not have any database of emails and crawls the web in real time to find up to date information.
3. Have a chrome plugin which allows prospecting from various websites.
4. Give information like Phone Numbers of businesses, addresses, Title of prospect, Location etc.
5. AeroLeads offer searching of millions of prospects.
6. Offer prospecting services where you give them your Ideal Customer Profile and AeroLeads services team deliver the list to you.
7. Offer more flexibility to edit content like name, title, email, company name etc.

AeroLeads vs EmailHunter

EmailHunter (

1. Do not allow prospecting.
2. They have their own database of emails.
3. Have a chrome plugin which looks at the existing database of emails and do not allow any prospecting.
4. Only gives emails.
5. Do not offer searching prospects data.
6. Do not offer prospecting services.
7. Do not allow you edit the data suggested by the tool.


Similar features of and AeroLeads

1. Both offers API so you can access the data and can integrate it with your tools.
2. Both allow to create lists, segment them and export them into csv/xls format.
3. Both allow to integrate with salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Zapier etc.
4. Both shows other email ids of the company so you can guess the email patterns there.

EmailHunter ( do offers more credits to free accounts and is relatively cheaper as compared to AeroLeads as they most likely do not use 3rd party API and services to verify data in real time. IMO EmailHunter ( is more like lightweight zoominfo then other prospecting software and I actually think you can use both AeroLeads and in parallel for your prospecting needs.

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