AeroLeads now works with MailChimp – Transfer all your Emails with 1 Click

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For a small 3 people startup, this is a BIG milestone. We have finally started integrating AeroLeads with other 3rd party services so as a user, you can easily transfer data like emails, names etc to other services.

We have integrated AeroLeads with MailChimp as the first such service as MailChimp has a huge user base (few hundred thousand users), almost every MailChimp user is a potential AeroLeads user and it was the easiest to integrate to.

We are currently working on integrating HubSpot and SalesForce too as they also have the big user base and after that will add Aweber, InfusionSoft, highrise etc.

How to Transfer the contacts you found through AeroLeads to Mailchimp?

1. Make sure you signed up as free account can’t save data and hence can’t transfer data. Once you are logged in, ran the search query or found the emails through a bulk keyword search or search bulk info.

2. Once you see the results, click on “Get All Data” which will show all the results. These results will also be visible on /dashboard.

3. On any result page from /dashboard, you should be able to see “Export to MailChimp” button on top right. But you won’t be able to transfer emails unless you add MailChimp API. You can get this API key from your MailChimp account -> Extra -> API Key (/account/API should be the URL). Copy/Paste the key into your profile page

4. Now click on the “Export to Mailchimp” button and you should see the option to export all details to any of the existing list. Select the one to which you want to use and click on export. In about 30 to 60 seconds, you should see all the emails and contacts transferred to your MailChimp account.

Do note that MailChimp has strict no spam policy so do not send bulk emails to the contacts or else you may get your account restricted by MailChimp. Make sure your email subscribers are opt-in.

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