AeroLeads now works with HubSpot ? You can transfer Contacts to HubSpot Now

HubSpot logoAfter MailChimp, now we have integrated AeroLeads with HubSpot, one of the biggest marketing automation software on the web. Now the 13,500 HubSpot users can find prospects with AeroLeads and transfer the contacts into HubSpot CRM with just single Click.

How to Use HubSpot with AeroLeads

1. To transfer searched contacts to HubSpot, you just need to put your HubSpot portal id. It will be a 6 digit number  on top right corner when you are logged into hubspot. Enter that number at AeroLeads User Settings page

2. Open AeroLeads Dashboard and click on any of your past search results. You will be taken to a page like On Top right corner, you should be able to see “Export to HubSpot” button.

AeroLeads HubSpot Button

3. Click on that button, it will ask you for authorisation (only for first time to save tokens) and that’s it. Your data will be transferred to HubSpot CRM.

If you find any problem or need some assistance, feel free to contact us.

With mailchimp and now hubspot integration, we are trying to integrate with major marketing software on the web to add value to their users as well as to make AeroLeads as part of their marketing and sales funnel.

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