AeroLeads 2.0 Launched (Check out what New features we have added!)

After launching our first version last month, today we are launching the version 2.0 of AeroLeads.

We have improved the software by 2X at least with major bug fixes and added features which people had asked us to add.

1. Now you can create lists (tagging),
2. Now you can have have an admin account where other users can work (so many users can work as a team).
3. Hardware has been upgraded so now the site is much faster.
4. If you know the company url, you can edit the url and the app will again search for emails in real time.

You can login to AeroLeads and see these features in action. The signup is always free for new users to test the system.

You can also ask for a demo by sending us an email with your requirement and preferred date/time. As always, feature request and feedback is always welcome.

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Howdy, I am the founder of AeroLeads, one of the most powerful prospect and lead generation software on the web. For sales and partnership inquiries, email me.

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