How to Achieve Big Results with a Small Team

Efforts pay off fruitfully on a big scale if they are done right on a small scale. To climb the ladder of success, you have to take small steps and just cannot leap to the top. A small team can have big successful achievements if the right efforts are put in. The way to get your business profitable with a small team is very possible and there have to be efforts for the same. The difference is one has to be smart and put these efforts in the right way.

How to Achieve Big Results with a Small Team

Often, big teams lose out on the focus required and each member of the team can’t be focused on or doesn’t focus as much as a small team member does. It’s all about distributed responsibility and people in small teams may feel more responsible and self-dependent than those in big teams. Here are some tips to follow to get your small team to reap better results and be highly efficient:

1. Taking a holistic approach to training and education:

Making each team understand the mechanics of the business is a great step. To train people in small teams how the business is going to focus on each team member equally. By understanding all the mechanics of the business team members perform their roles better as they know exactly what action can lead to the next profit. Unlike big business in which directions are handed over to the entire team and people spend the time to figure out what needs to be done if you can target your team members individually and explain what the expectations and requirements from each member are, they’re bound to be more efficient.

It is the small-scale ripples that start a huge wave and the same applies to a business team. Nudging your small team to work towards bigger better goals pays off in the end. After all, in the end, it’s all about finances in a business and of course customer satisfaction, and if every member understands the financial consequences of their actions, they will work better.

How to Achieve Big Results with a Small Team

2. Delegating to the CEO:

As the CEO, if you’re too focused on the small little details and not thinking about the bigger picture, the business will stay small. Instead, distributing responsibilities to the customers instead of micromanaging everything yourself as the CEO leaves no room for expansion. As a CEO it’s your job to expand the company instead of focusing and taking care of the little details that can be managed by the team. Handing out tasks more specifically, and well defined will ease out your schedule as well as theirs with the details in their hands. Take care of your business expansion goals and other jobs that you don’t need the staff for. Seeking out new connections and brand image establishment will work for the betterment of the company and you would be doing your job as the CEO.

How to Achieve Big Results with a Small Team

3. Give out more work to the busier team members:

This tip is essentially a productivity hack for teams to make the most of their time. If there are jobs or tasks you need to get done at the earliest, give it to the busiest person on your team. Their management skills and the responsibility to complete an additional task will prove great for sure and there won’t be any delays in this task. By doing this and making sure the person is a great way to boost their productivity, as well as the best tasks, get handed to the best people. This ensures the best work is done on critical tasks and the rest of the team can keep on doing what they’re best at.

4. Building Alliances:

Creating connections and collaborating with small and big businesses alike will help your business get off the ground. Not only does it give your employees exposure to the outside professional world and helps them grow, but it is quintessential for every business to collaborate with others. Even tech giants like Apple use parts manufactured by Samsung for their iPhones. The same goes for small teams. Not only does it help the business but even helps in marketing and taking off the workload indirectly by doing such tasks yourself in the business. It can be considered as a partnership to some extent but that is what the corporate world is about. Open communication with other businesses leads to your business growth and growth and efficiency of your small team as well.

How to Achieve Big Results with a Small Team

5. Break goals into smaller steps:

To climb the mountain one has to start at the base. There is no shortcut to success and surely it is not achieved in one giant leap. Every goal needs to be fragmented into smaller steps first and only after completing these can one think of the bigger picture. If anyone keeps on focusing on the bigger picture without making the little things happen, they are living in a dream world and that is not done.

To be constant in your growth and progress, there have to be small steps taken at first and simultaneous planning of the bigger goals. Reducing the size of goals to mini tasks is a sure shot way to get your team to maximize efficiency. Additionally, to complete such goals and mini-tasks the prioritizing ability of the team should be good enough to recognize such tasks. Not only does this help in better teamwork but boost the productivity of the steam manifold.

How to Achieve Big Results with a Small Team

Several of these techniques are basically productivity hacks that can be applied to any team. But they’re really effective for small teams and can help business with small teams maximize their productivity by improving efficiency. In the end, it is up to the business leaders and the CEO to attend to their teams. Boosting any team’s productivity is not an easy task but that is after all the job profile of a leader.

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