7 Ways to Satisfy More Demanding Customer

The marketing field is one that evolves with time and requires one to be constantly up to date with all the latest practices and strategies. The buyers have changed and so the need of the hour is for the sellers to change accordingly. But people stick to what they know about their preferred brands and hardly change to other brands without proper marketing and trust that the new brands need to build. The buyer of today’s age knows a lot and has access to information everywhere and thus more aware and bit more difficult to rope in for the new companies. A Forrester research indicates that the prospects go through 70 -90% of their customer lifecycle before they even talk to a salesperson.

Today’s tech has placed the divider and seller on two sides of a rift resulting in different options and conflicting opinions. Forrester also predicts that by 2020, around 1 million B2B salespeople will lose their jobs to self-service commerce.

Softwares and tools have already replaced the workforce and companies leverage the more efficient software to take their companies forward and be successful. You can check out our list of tools and practices to follow and be safe in the process in our blog ’51 Lead generation methods’. AeroLeads software is highly effective in gathering prospects and generating leads out of those as the platform has all you want to get leads from across your social media use.

7 Ways to Satisfy More Demanding Customer

But you can attract the increasingly demanding and independent customers by these few techniques:

1. Avoid seller-centric behavior:

Often companies and sellers think they’re focused more on the buyer, and wrongfully so because their behavior is opposite. A research from McKinsey revealed that B2B companies had less than 50% on the customer experience ratings. Start implementing more customer friendly by avoiding the urge to jump the sale. Instead, focus on what your business goals are and if any hurdles lie in the way of completing those goals.

7 Ways to Satisfy More Demanding Customer

2. Use consultative selling:

Shift your focus from transactional selling practices to selling using consultative practices like being aware of the buyer’s challenges before sharing information about your product. This procedure shifting helps you analyze their issues which is necessary as they are not entirely aware of the business challenges.

After understanding these points, and getting to know both stated an unknown needs, the seller has the power to use the data and use it to reach a solution. This is necessary as today there is information and data everywhere and it isn’t wise to leverage the data insights possible.

7 Ways to Satisfy More Demanding Customer

3. Have a plan to lead with:

Figure and develop a planning blueprint for execution. It is a great strategy as the sellers can demonstrate credibility by outlining a sketch of the conversation. With an outline and organized planning, you’re also displaying your respect for their valuable time and attention. Just as important is the presentation part not just the outlining of your strategy.

7 Ways to Satisfy More Demanding Customer

4. Get smaller commitments to close:

By giving the buyer an option to provide feedback the burden of making big decisions at a go isn’t necessary. Ask for their opinions on your insights and as a result, you’ll gain incremental commitment. So, instead of asking for sales in one go, the seller should be asking for pieces. This process results in an understanding between the seller and buyer. The feedback process also helps identify any possible hiccups pre-emptively when the seller is ready to respond.

7 Ways to Satisfy More Demanding Customer

5. Ask questions that matter:

Being informed is the way to success. Knowing anything in advance should be the focus of the seller. How is this information going to come to you? From the buyer itself. But as mentioned earlier also, buyers don’t have much time and therefore it is entirely up to you to ask the right questions if they even choose to answer and make the most of the time.

The most important part is the questioning also allows generating new ideas. Buyers might be open to new ideas also if the seller frames concepts as questions making this the core of a consultative approach.

7 Ways to Satisfy More Demanding Customer

6. Understanding the basics of human thought process:

Despite the widening rift between buyers and sellers, both are fundamentally common. All are fundamentally motivated to get new experiences in their lives and be skilled at what they want to do. This showcases our common factor of the need for autonomy, competence, and the feeling of relating to something common. The insights help the buyer to help sellers with these needs.

To help the buyer feel at ease, do not try to manipulate them. Make them feel competent and establish a connection by sharing your common factors and empathizing instead of sticking to a script or seeing only a subject to gain profit from.

7 Ways to Satisfy More Demanding Customer

7. Leverage facts, not assumptions:

To make any decision, it is the human tendency to first be biased towards the favorable side and then to make the final decision, a series of factors that affects it. It is something that sellers are aware of but there’s no shortcut to it. A simple workaround maybe that the buyers get to know why the seller prefer a certain factor in the first place and get to the why and the how of it in detail. Getting to know your buyer at this level gives you an unprecedented advantage. Getting into the mind and acting upon insights is the best marketing strategy for literally any field. Avoid being biased yourself by being aware of what the gist of the conversation should be by being mindful.

The information to be gathered is endless and analytics doesn’t come into play easily. You can do effective marketing by taking the customer through the decision-making process.

7 Ways to Satisfy More Demanding Customer

These are some of the practices you can employ to make a connection with your prospects and therefore get happy customers.

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