7 Ways to Generate Prospects and Leads from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest B2B network on the Internet which can be a huge source of prospects and leads for any business. There are people and companies doing business worth millions through LinkedIn and unlike facebook and twitter, this often doesn’t get highlighted that much.

I have got a lot of users for our B2B product AeroLeads from LinkedIn with plenty of inbound inquiries so I thought to write a post on how you can leverage on LinkedIn to find more prospects and leads.

1. LinkedIn Pulse Content

LinkedIn is working hard to be a content generation site then just being a content sharing site. This is why you see so many pulse posts being promoted on your feed home page.

LinkedIn posts can be the really good source to attract prospects and lead in two ways

i. Create content in your niche, link to your sources and even landing pages. Also quality content often attracts potential contacts which will increase your network.

ii. Comment on other pulse posts and connect with the other people in your niche.

For example, to promote AeroLeads, I have connected to more than 200+ people through the content they were sharing. Almost all of them are into lead generation business and though they didn’t turn into paying customers, now I have a big network of people who are in the same niche as I am.


2. Linkedin Groups

I am surprised by how effective Linkedin groups can be for some verticals. For example, there are few b2b verticals where people are doing business worth millions of dollars (Call centers, Lead Generation are few such groups). Webmasters, SEO, and Marketing are few more such verticals which are very active.

If you are looking to find prospects and leads in such verticals, check out LinkedIn groups. Join relevant groups, add group members in your network, share useful content, comment on others content, like good content to make best out of LinkedIn groups.

I have added over 500+ contacts from various prospect and lead generation groups in last 2 months, many of them eventually because of first-time users of AeroLeads.

Also if possible, do create a group too which is on some topic (don’t create a company group, for this, your company page is enough). We have our own Prospect and Lead Generation Group on LinkedIn which has about 200 users. Though the number is not big but majority of them are AeroLeads users.

3. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn do offer ad service which allows targeting users based on certain region and of a certain industry or to sponsor and promote content.

The key to a successful campaign is to know what your group of prospects is and have a specific target than to pay for a broader audience. Aim at the people of your vertical, region, etc. The reach would be a lot smaller, but the results are surely better. Let your prospects find you and connect with you instead the opposite way.

My experience with linkedIn Ads has been mixed. Though a powerful medium of reaching prospects, minimum $2 per click is little turnoff. Also linkedIn ad dashboard is pretty basic. We decided to not continue with linkedIn ads as the CTR was 0.13% but still you should try it once as it may work out for you.

4. Get Introduction from Your Network and Be Active.

I often get asked by people to get introduced (many a times I don’t know the other person myself as I accept everyone who send me linkedIn request). I myself have done it few times and it can work very well.

People often say endorsing others is another good way to connect with like minded people, prospects and potential buyers though I am unsure about the usability of it. I myself have got plenty of endorsements from people whom I don’t know and somehow it doesn’t look good.

5. Follow Companies and Connect with their Employees

You can follow companies who are in your vertical by “following” them as well as can connect with their employees (linkedIn shows some of the people who work there). You can also comment on those company updates as well as can find contact information of them too.

Do make sure you have your own company page as company pages are often searched by

6. Use Advanced search

One of the least but powerful linkedIn feature is its Advanced search.

You know the profile of the people you are looking for very well. And the platform gives you the exact possibility to find them. Search by industry, location, language and even the company they are now working for. Connect!

Even if you don’t to engage directly after you find the right prospects, you could always see if you have shared connections. If possible, just ask someone you know to introduce you. You can upgrade to PRO user to use various search filters too. I have use it in the past and found it very useful.

LinkedIn Advanced Search

7. Use tools like AeroLeads to find prospects and leads on linkedIn

I am going to be honest with you, the sole purpose of writing this post was to plug our product!!! 😀 Though not fully linkedIn centric, AeroLeads can be used with other chrome plugins like rapportive to find prospects and leads with email and phone numbers. There are more such plugins from yesware and toutapp, do check the chrome webstore to find chrome plugins which works with linkedIn.

Final Words

I have found LInkedIn to be extremely powerful B2B network which can work really well for certain niches. As compared to facebook (too personal), Twitter(too casual), Google+(too “not sure what”), LinkedIn is very business centric social network to which you can leverage on to find more prospects and sales.

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  2. Thanks for the post, it was actually pretty helpful. There are a few misspellings though 🙂

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