7 Quick tips on lead generation for IT services

What exactly are Information Technology Services?

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides technical support, resources, and services to help everyone work smarter, faster, and safer.

Some of the many IT services include:

  • Email, calendar, and cloud collaboration tools
  • End user support
  • Technology training
  • Research computing solutions, services, and storage
  • Supporting the incorporation of technology into teaching and learning
  • Web hosting and development
  • Software licensing
  • Information security and policy
  • Administrative systems for records and business processes
  • Application development
  • Identity management
  • Infrastructure, including networking and data centers
    … etc.

7 Quick tips on lead generation for IT services - AeroLeads

Need for Lead Generation for IT Services?

Lead is the name of a company or a person which might be on one of the company’s purchased lists or they might be on a list of people who attended your webinar.

Lead generation is basically the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential leads for a business’s products or services.
Well, it’s silly to get into any kind of business without a plan of attack for generating leads, unless you plan on going out of business. Hence, you need a lead generation to effectively grow your business.

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Judging by Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of Information Technology (IT) service companies are small (10 to 99 workers) or even micro-sized establishments. Yet, the demands for differentiation, marketing effectiveness, and sales are increasing and forcing IT service companies to improve their programs or suffer losses. So, lead generation is a must for any IT service company.

Powerful inbound marketing campaigns generate the leads sales needs to convert and drive business revenues. With effective content marketing, analysis of relevant metrics, lead scoring as well as validation systems, and conversion optimization, the inbound marketing team can generate qualified leads and nurture sales opportunities. Effective lead generation doesn’t rest on its laurels, though.

Hence, continuously adding, optimizing and improving can further ramp up lead generation efforts leading to IT service company conversions.

5 Quick tips on lead generation for IT services

IT service firms have been relatively slow to adopt online lead generation techniques.

These lead generation tips for IT service companies can help firms of any size gain traction in a densely populated, competitive industry.

Tip #1 – Lead Generating Website

Most IT services websites are not designed to generate leads. As a matter of fact, many are almost “anti-lead generators.”

So without a lead generation website, they are completely passive and unhelpful. Basically, if customers do not understand what you do or what problems you can solve for them, they will go elsewhere.

Hence,  contrast this with a lead generating website like our very own AeroLeads, which gives you your leads within seconds!

7 Quick tips on lead generation for IT services - AeroLeads

So make sure to get a lead generating website that is designed to make it easy for clients to understand your value proposition, download valuable information and request a proposal. The impact on online lead generation can be dramatic.

Tip #2 – Publish your Content Consistently

The content would be the first thing that a person would read, and if that content is of good quality then consider that you have successfully gained a lead.7 Quick tips on lead generation for IT services - AeroLeads

Provide quality content adding value to your target audience and addressing their pain points in the IT service arena. Address the needs to improve efficiency, reduce costs, power business, or drive innovation with educational and authoritative content.

Lead generation addressing IT decision-makers in the earlier stages of their purchase process will help:

  • Determine the business need via case studies, feature articles, technology news, and analyst research.
  • Delineate technical requirements via How-to content, product testing, review, and demonstration content.
  • Evaluate products and services via vendor presentations, product demonstrations, peer reviews and opinions, How-to content.

Tip #3 – Referrals

Dogs may be man’s best friend. And diamonds may be a girl’s best friend. But referrals are an organization’s best friend7 Quick tips on lead generation for IT services - AeroLeads

There is nothing better than getting a sales lead from a happy customer. An existing customer knows what you are offering and probably has a good idea of what the referred prospect needs.

If your sales strategy includes tapping into your existing network or leveraging current customers to get in touch with new sales leads, you can get more high-quality referrals by taking the time to identify prospects in advance.

This means that the lead is probably well-qualified. Beyond this, you will have tremendous credibility with the prospect since you come well-recommended from someone that they know and trust.

Tip #4 – PPC and SEO

The best way (in terms of lowest cost per acquisition) for an IT company or a service-based B2B company to generate leads is through pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO).7 Quick tips on lead generation for IT services - AeroLeads

PPC and SEO are the most effective way to generate leads because when companies need IT services, they go to Google and search for IT companies. (Almost 90% of consumers — business or otherwise — go to Google search first.).

To increase the effectiveness of your search engine marketing (SEM) and PPC campaigns, use long-tail keyword phrases, which are highly targeted search terms typically consisting of three words or more. This is because long-tail keyword phrases drive targeted traffic due to their specificity, and they’re less competitive than related, shorter search terms, which tend to be higher in volume and more competitive.

In terms of SEO, consider something educational, something your audience could benefit from. Once you’ve identified your target keywords, create content around it. You may be amazed at how fast you will rank and start generating traffic and leads for this term.

Tip #5 – Determine relevant metrics

Effective IT lead generation is data-driven, agile, and relevant. Set monthly goals around website traffic, prospects, leads and customer acquisition. Don’t stop at improving lead generation. Analyze conversion rates from different inbound marketing sources to determine the most efficient and cost-effective lead sources.

Metrics can also help the IT services company market improve lead conversion and sales-qualified conversion rates. Review leads from:

  • SEO7 Quick tips on lead generation for IT services - AeroLeads
  • advertising
  • PPC
  • social media
  • PR
  • websites
  • email campaigns
  • overall marketing efforts
  • referrals
  • content and thought leadership

Use this business intelligence to better achieve business goals and measurably improve business outcomes.

Tip #6 – LinkedIn

Our customer research showed that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor to lead conversion rate (2.74 percent), almost three times higher than Twitter (.69 percent) and Facebook (.77 percent),” says Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot, a provider of inbound marketing software. 7 Quick tips on lead generation for IT services - AeroLeads
So what makes LinkedIn a good source of leads for IT companies and IT services organizations?

LinkedIn has a high percentage of professionals, so the likelihood, especially for B2B marketers, that you’re dealing with people in your target audience is higher than some other channels. Also, LinkedIn Groups are organized around the concerns and challenges faced by many buyers and/or their geographic location and profession. So LinkedIn makes it easy to view and contextualize what your potential buyers are talking about and tailor content to your LinkedIn Company pages accordingly.

Just be careful not to lead with a hard sell. Instead, focus on creating relevant content that is highly shareable and relevant to potential buyers. Infographics, quick tips and examples of success from executives in their industry are all great examples of how to interact with LinkedIn Groups to drive leads and inspire engagement.

Click the below links to check how LinkedIn can be useful in sales.

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How to create a great LinkedIn business profile

Tip #7 – White Papers, e-Books, and E-newsletter

One of the most common online lead generating techniques, white papers can establish credibility and generate qualified leads. You can offer the white paper on your website (either available free or behind a registration screen), or you can distribute it through third-party services. White papers also make great pay-per-click offers.

A variation on the white paper is the e-book. Typically longer than a white paper, it serves a similar function. If you e-book goes into great depth on a subject, it can generate a great deal of buzz and establish your reputation.

If your e-newsletter offers high-quality, educational content, you can generate a significant number of new leads when people sign up. And your e-newsletter is a great way to nurture the existing leads on your list. Many firms also use e-newsletters to announce new IT services and make specific offers. To build your subscriber list, offer a free e-newsletter subscription on your website or in your email signature block. Just remember, the better your content, the more people will read it and remember you — and the less likely it will be deemed as spam.

7 Quick tips on lead generation for IT services - AeroLeads

So hopefully these 7 tips help you with your lead generation in your IT services.

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