7 Quick Tips to Find Leads via LinkedIn

A good quality lead can potentially result in a lot of business and for that reason, you cannot be cheap when looking for new leads for your business. A bunch of good quality leads can turn a struggling business into one that’s thriving and ready to grow to another level.

Leads can be difficult to come up if you’re looking in all of the wrong places, but on the other hand, they can flood in when you have the right strategy in mind. LinkedIn is one of those places online that’s ripe for getting new leads for a vast number of different industries.

7 Quick Tips to Find Leads via LinkedIn

The connection between leads and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with other business people and companies, but also it gives you the opportunity to get new leads. There are a number of search parameters that can be used to filter out the contacts that are of the most useful to you. If done correctly you’ll be able to find enough leads on LinkedIn alone to generate the revenue needed to keep your business afloat.

7 productive tips to find leads on LinkedIn

1. Use the connect button

The first tip is quite simple, just take a few minutes per day to click the connect button in order to connect with a bunch of different people on LinkedIn. There are a “People You May Know” section where potential leads and people of interest are suggested to you. By the act of increasing your network your chances of getting more leads increases.

2. Monitor your leads

LinkedIn allows not only to communicate with leads but also to monitor their activities. You’ll get a better understanding of your leads by keeping an eye on their profile and your ability to pitch to them improves.  If they have a company page then follow it and work out what direction they are taking. If you feel that the products or services you offer can complement them then you can contact them in the hopes of generating a new lead.

3. Post an update

To keep the followers of your LinkedIn network engaged you to need to remind them that you exist, and one of the easiest ways of achieving that is by posting an update. The post an update feature can be used to share links, post videos, and share pictures. Try to keep the updates varied so that you’re able to keep your audience entertained.

As Ben Abington from Essay Geeks suggests, “you should have a daily schedule for posting updates on LinkedIn to ensure followers get a steady stream of content”.

4. Join groups

Look for groups that are in your industry and become a contributor. Share industry knowledge and insights so that you position yourself as an expert in your niche. Once you do so it might be the case that instead of actively looking for leads yourself they will find you. Find the best LinkedIn groups so that you don’t waste your effort on ones that have little relevance to you.

5. Follow up on your leads

If you have made an attempt to contact a lead and there was no response then don’t give up right there. Ensure that you follow up down the line and send them a message again – this time you might be successful. It might be the case that a lead will need your services at a particular window of time, and you have a better chance of hitting that window if you make contact more than once.

One software that does an excellent job of allowing you to find and follow up on leads is from Aeroleads. It can be installed as a chrome extension and allows the large AeroLeads database to be searched to find the right profiles for your search.

There is also a lead generation service that finds the leads for you and then gets back to you with a list of about 24-48 hours. the ROI of obtaining such a list could prove to be priceless so why not give it a shot.

6. Build a complete profile

The first thing that potential leads will do when first coming in contact with you on LinkedIn is checking out your profile. Therefore, ensure that your profile is completed and stands out from your competitors. Otherwise, they will be unimpressed and not even reply to your message.

7. Create a system for lead management

You need to keep track of all of your leads so that you’re able to effectively figure out at what stage of prospecting each lead is at. You cannot talk in the same manner to a lead you have just come into contact and one that is at the end of the prospecting cycle ready to buy. Therefore, effective lead management is important for success on LinkedIn.

When you combine all of the tips mentioned in this article you’ll find that locating new leads on LinkedIn is actually an easy process. The various strategies have already been proven by many individuals and companies to work wonders for them. So trust the process of acquiring leads at LinkedIn and you’ll generate a bunch of exciting new leads.

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