7 Major Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a critical form of marketing that is just too important for any person to take lightly. Much like social media marketing, it is depending on users rather than the marketer. Yes, all marketing is user based and targeted for the user, but email marketing is something different. Like social media marketing, email marketing is entirely user dependent. That means mistakes can be blunders here as they’re reaching out to a wide audience, not just one individual.

Email campaigns can help in establishing a decent follower base, can lead people to your site or landing page and help to generate revenue as well. Given that it has so many advantages, it can lead to disaster just as easily. Let’s have a look at some of the things you might be doing wrong or to prevent while you can:

1. Not using segmentation:

Segmentation is the first step to take in email marketing. You have your leads and prospects, so what comes next? You have to choose a particular way to send them out. The delivery part is critical. You don’t want to deliver a wrong content type letter to someone else. You don’t want to send the same email to every person (it’s not a company announcement). This leads to irritating the subscriber base. And that is something you can’t undo easily. Your open rates will fall, spam reporting will rise and nothing good will come out of it.

Major Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Email Marketing Campaign

Segmentation is going to be your life-saver here. It can save your campaign by dividing your followers into lists based on factors like demographics, industry and so on.


2. Hiding the CTA:

There is a certain purpose behind email marketing and not other forms of marketing. One could start mailing physical letters to get real actual attention but we know that wouldn’t work in this world, cost-wise. Neither would people read all that the company is telling about its site or products. It is a common practice to include some kind of call to action (CTA) in email campaigns. It means, there is some action to take after going through the mail. It can be visiting the landing page, registering for seminars or pre-orders or even special discounts. Therefore, CTA makes it the most essential part of your mail.

Major Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Email Marketing Campaign

It might be surprising to know companies ignore this or make it a little too small to see. CTA on the website and the email should be very conspicuous. There are some methods you can use to make your CTA standout which are:

 #1. Using a button as a CTA:

Using a button in the form of CTA makes it stand out more than any kind of fancy text. It can be between the mail or the ending of the mail. It has also shown to be an effective method of boosting clicks or landing page visits.

#2. Customizing the CTA button:

Use your creative skills here to design the CTA stand out from the mail. But don’t make it too fancy. It still has to convey its point which will be lost if the reader is looking at a glittery rotating CTA gif.

#3. Using straightforward language:

As mentioned above, your CTA has the main purpose of making the audience take some action by clicking it. The text/instructions should be clear and concise.

3. Taking care of emailing data:

Marketing or sending out email marketing campaigns wouldn’t be possible without clean actionable data. Yes, gathering data is very important but so is data quality. Bad quality data can do more harm than good. It is also essential to maintain data quality because the data has to be processed for segmentation. If you’re going to send out email marketing campaigns randomly without data quality checks, you’re inviting spam reports and bad reputation.

Major Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Email Marketing Campaign

4. The content part:

After the CTA and taking care of whether you’re sending it to the right person, comes the content part. What are you writing in the mail to keep people actually hooked? There has to be some kind of attractive sales pitch to keep your audience hooked! It doesn’t have to be just the promotion of your new product/service launch. It can be something like why it is important to them. Why should they take out their time of day to go through the whole email? Much like you would pitch a sale in person, your email marketing content has to be on point. And no, clickbait or overly-catchy headings are something that is not done in this age anymore.

Major Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Email Marketing Campaign

5. Not giving an easy way to unsubscribe:

Sometimes, no matter how much you try, the time and effort investment just would not line up with the reader’s requirements. It is completely okay. We are not living in a world where charming words would make the purpose go under debt for a Lamborghini or do something they don’t want to. Some people would not like to receive marketing emails at all. There can be any amount of factors and reasons why a person would not even care to open the mail except to unsubscribe. Since the GDPR has been put into effect, it has become mandatory for practically every organization to make it conspicuous and visible to unsubscribe. It is the reader’s right to not receive non-interesting random emails or something they don’t want to be a part of.

Major Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Email Marketing Campaign

Therefore, it is also important to make the unsubscribe button just as conspicuous and visible as the CTA. But keep at the end of the mail so they don’t see it the first thing. If you do not give that option, it is a one-way ticket to getting blocked or reported. That is something that will be a disaster for your email domain itself.

Getting people to sign up for your email marketing campaigns should be as easy as getting them to unsubscribe. There has to be complete transparency regarding this. With data governing policies in effect, there are also legal factors to consider nowadays on how to format such elements.

6. Not testing your email campaign:

Marketing works also when best optimized and tested beforehand. Without testing your email marketing, how can you be sure, despite taking all the good steps, that it will work? You cant be sure of what your segmented user base will like or what time of day to contact them on. Testing one variable like demographics or some other thing isn’t enough. You have to test it against various possible factors to see what would work best.

Major Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Email Marketing Campaign

This is a marketing hack not many companies are aware of.  Learn from your mistakes and make each campaign better than the last. DON’T give in to formulas as they’re mere shortcuts in today’s dynamic climate. Test everything possible: it can be your header, CTA, design, among many other elements.

Thanks to data analytics it is possible to monitor and make changes very accurately. The same goes towards, monitoring software. The software can help you monitor and see what will work and what wouldn’t.

7. Platform independence:

Most people today read their emails on mobile platforms thanks to smartphones and tablets. There is no introduction to how they’re better and more accessible than computers. So, it is quite obvious on how most emails are read on mobile platforms. Formatting your emails for both platforms and using proper encoding can ensure great formatting on any device. Mails that do not look as good on mobiles as on computer definitely get overlooked. No one would care to click on a badly oriented CTA or something they have to open their computer especially for.

Major Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Email Marketing Campaign

Therefore, platform independence is something that is also a major factor in the field of email marketing practices. Imagine having to open a really attractive marketing mail but on opening, you’re seeing everything badly oriented despite having the best end smartphone or tablet. It just doesn’t go with what users want. Moreover, mobiles lead to greater opening rates as they’re like a notification that the person will either skip or read. As we want the latter, it is up to us to make it that way.

Final verdict:

There are so many factors that can go wrong or should be taken into consideration for writing emails marketing campaigns. You want your email to be read, taken action upon and deliver what you hoped. It can be more landing page visits, more product sign-ups, more sales or more revenue. The possibilities are countless. Email marketing is the tool you need to use like a Swiss Army Knife to get what you want. An all-in-one tool, it can either destroy your purpose and reputation or make it soar.

Therefore, taking care of the details in email marketing is very critical for your marketing efforts. Without them, it is as good as sending anything to anyone without any consideration and get your domain blocked within less than a day. “With great power comes great responsibility”, therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure the standards of your email formatting. There are little details that can be tweaked to make major changes in your ROI or any other purpose you’re using email marketing for.

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