7 Important Techniques to Design a Successful Sales Call Strategy

Sales techniques seem to be improving by leaps and bounds by the day. Each dawn brings with it new and interesting forms of innovations that improve communication systems. Despite all of these changes, the power of actual human interactions is something that cannot be mimicked by even the most powerful computer systems. One to one calls still hold a significant position in the formation and growth of successful business enterprises. In fact, overcoming the uneasiness of cold calls is the first step that owners of the most prosperous business empires today have had to overcome in the initial days of setting up their organization.

7 Important Techniques to Design a Successful Sales Call Strategy

Sales calls are particularly made for the purpose of enticing prospective customers into purchasing the organizations’ products. Such a phone call is usually made by a representative or employee of the company. Unfortunately, several receivers of such calls find them intrusive and annoying. There is a thin line between impressing your audience with your voice and words and pushing him to frustration. In this article, we give you a list of 7 important techniques that will help you design the secret formula for your successful sales call strategy.

To begin with, study and understand the anatomy of a successful sales call strategy.

1. Make an effort to understand your buyer:

Prepare before you make the call. Find everything you possibly can about your prospective client or buyer. Knowing their areas of interest will help you quickly connect with the person you are speaking with and that means there is a higher chance of him/her considering the purchase of your product or service. If he is an expert in the matter, using jargon and technical terms might impress him in sales and you may look more knowledgeable. But in most cases, people prefer layman’s terms when it comes to personal interactions.

Always keep your focus on what your prospective customer needs or may need at a future point in time. Give him a comprehensive and general idea about your product or service. Does he seem interested? Explain why you think he might need your product or service. Make it personal, place your suggestions gently like a friend or acquaintance would. Describe the problem that exists and how you and your organization have found a solution and will help the listener.

7 Important Techniques to Design a Successful Sales Call Strategy

2. Build a Solid Foundation:

Always start your conversation on a positive note. The first impression is the best impression. Create a great first impression on every level by starting off with a genuine compliment. If nothing else, before you begin your sales pitch, esquire about the listeners well being in order to develop an emotional connection. Make all possible attempts to establish a strong rapport with the listener.

7 Important Techniques to Design a Successful Sales Call Strategy

3. Know The Nitty Gritty of Your Product before a Sales call:

There is nothing less impressive than someone trying to sell you something that they themselves know nothing about. In other words, study every little detail about the product or service that you are pitching over the sales call. Any question headed towards you must be dealt with the knowledge and expertise of someone who knows about his product inside-out. Verify each of your prospective customers’ needs and demands. Make sure of the fact that you answer all of his doubts and queries about the organization and product or service offered.

7 Important Techniques to Design a Successful Sales Call Strategy

4. Establish a Relationship with Your Prospective Customer:

Don’t make phone calls with the sole intention to get rid of what you have and make money. Always ask open-ended questions so you can absorb as much information you can about the person you are speaking to. Begin your sales call with at least one pre-decided objective. A sale is a process. Selling the product is the fruit of a successful sales call, but attempting to sell before creating a good rapport with your audience will not end well unless you have something extraordinary to sell.

7 Important Techniques to Design a Successful Sales Call Strategy

5. Empower your Customers but don’t be Apologetic.

Thank them for their time but do not forget that you are doing them a service by offering a great product. Both you and the prospective customer know that it is an unsolicited call. But you are offering something and you need not be apologetic for providing your prospective customer with knowledge of your product. Always speak as equals.

7 Important Techniques to Design a Successful Sales Call Strategy

6. Have a two-way Interaction and not a one-way Monologue.

People love speaking and they love being heard. In order to become a successful sales caller, you need to be an excellent listener. Listen to what your prospective customer has to say, take their concerns with the utmost seriousness, clear all their queries and accept all feedback without getting hostile or defensive. Besides, any and all information that you receive during the conversation will prove useful to your organisation in more ways than one. Having knowledge about the thoughts, interests and ideas of your prospective customer will help you tailor your pitch in a way that is more attractive, it may even help you improve your product or service.

two way communication

7. Present a positive image yourself and your organization:

Present yourself and the organization you work for in a positive light. But never show another in a bad light. Like in most one to one interactions, rules of general decency and business ethics apply in sales calls as well. Do not ever bad-mouth your competitors. If a sales call involves an element of gossiping and speaking ill of competitors in the market, it ceases to be a sales call and reflects poorly on the organization. Towards the end of the call, clearly, state what the next step will be. Will there be a follow-up call? Are there any unanswered queries? Is there a better time to discuss things further? Keep the conversation going.

7 Important Techniques to Design a Successful Sales Call Strategy

No matter how useful or great your product is, the reaction you receive from your prospective customer will be based on your sales call strategy. And this reaction is influenced by the level of rapport that you have established during those few minutes of conversation. This can be a daunting prospect. The good news is, it only takes some understanding and a lot of practice to put these tried and tested sales strategies into use for the benefit of you and your organization.

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