7 Doubts you should clarify about lead generation

Lead generation is not an easy process if you are not aware of what the misconceptions and workarounds are. ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’, so it would be great if you clarify your lead generation doubts in this blog, according to the most common misconceptions. If you overdo anything or don’t put in efforts it is as dangerous as doing nothing.

So here are a few common doubts clarified about the process of lead generation in your company:

1. More leads do not mean more profits:

We often believe gathering more potential clients and expanding the email, phone list is going to give more profits because of more prospects. Well, this might be correct theoretically in statistics but in the marketing techniques, if you’re attracting prospects or generating leads by wrong methods, irrespective of the numbers you reach, it won’t result in profits. In reality, the more the better theology won’t work here. If you invest more in your returning customers they have much better chances to get your business profitable and eventually after building a brand trust you start getting the rise in profitable number too rather than non-converting ones. So it is important to boost your customer lifetime value than on the number of leads.

Doubts you should clarify about lead generation

2. Generating leads is not a free process:

As the old saying goes, ‘Nothing is free in life’. Generating leads requires time, energy and money. Now to be able to generate more leads wisely effectively, you need to invest all these and wisely. There are some really great tools in the market to go down this road with like AeroLeads. The investment you do in building the trust of the customers goes a long way in the long run.

Doubts you should clarify about lead generation

3. You can do anything to get leads:

You have to have a proper marketing strategy in place to get quality leads and you cannot attract long-term customers just on a false pretense. As mentioned earlier too, lead generation is more about long-term investment in your customers and not random number increases if you want to be profitable. If you’re attracting leads by giving away free Amazon vouchers and getting their contact details, it will only give you losses. As the people will be coming for the purpose of getting the vouchers only and no interest in your business they won’t even bother respond or convert.

Doubts you should clarify about lead generation

4. Just having a website will generate leads:

NO! You need to make people visit the site and convert them into your customers. Something of value is the only reason they’ll see to visit. Sell your products or services and generate leads and eventually get your conversion rates up. A good site engages with the community it is meant for. If no one visits your site or people leave after visiting, it is as good as not having a website. This is your home to sell your services. You cannot just build a shop and let it be and the same goes for a website analogically. Invest your time and energy to create a great experience for the visitor to see the site and you’ll be having a lot of leads and visitors in no time.

Doubts you should clarify about lead generation

5. Lead generation is a one-time setup process:

Absolutely incorrect. You need constant development and maintenance of the processes you use to generate leads. It is important to take utmost care of the methodology you employ to generate leads. Yes, part of your lead generation process can be automated even but that doesn’t mean you can be assured of yourself to get lead even if you don’t put in efforts later on. Lead generation is an ongoing process that needs constant investment if you want to grow your business. You need to develop your methods and processes as the market develops because it is a constantly changing process.

Doubts you should clarify about lead generation

6. Generating leads not something that acts as a switch:

As mentioned in the previous point, you cannot stop your efforts at any time. If you have generated the leads you require or luckily, plenty more you cannot call it quits after being satisfied and drop the process altogether. You might be having half a mind to pause or slow down your efforts but that is not what great businesses do.

Doubts you should clarify about lead generation

To grow and be truly successfully never stop the process. Connecting with your audience ensures that your trust is maintained and your leads keep on coming through them too through word of mouth communication as a satisfied customer is a priceless returning lead. Your business pipeline can go dry if you don’t maintain the flow of your efforts. Analogically, a pipe dries up and gains rust if there is no use or if there is something wrong with your lead generation methods it will negatively affect your strategy. Do not use shortcuts!

7. Lead generation is a one-way process:

No again. Let us clarify this for you. If there is no customer feedback place or anywhere the end customer can review or get further information or contact regarding any issue, there is no way you could generate leads and convert them.

You can analyze your pages and see which parts of your process attracts visitors and the same thing goes with the products and services being offered by your company. You need to get inside the customer mind and think like one as to why someone would do anything in your strategy. If there’s no foresight about what you’re going to do and how it is going to generate leads and customer, you might as well not do it at all.

Doubts you should clarify about lead generation

Your customers may not even give feedback or use your contact pages but the way they act on your site says tons about what is attracting them and what is making them leave it. See our blog ‘51 Lead Generation Methods’ on how to carry out your lead generation efforts properly and clarify further doubts in process or tools you use. AeroLeads software is highly effective in meeting your lead generation methods as the methods employed are top of the class using searching unmatched procedures that are bound to generate you a lot of leads.

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