7 Better Ways to Build a BIG E-mail list

How to build a steady and strong e-mail list? This is a question that many people are looking the answer of. Before we give it to you, we should ask – why to build it?

We tend to forget what a strong selling tool e-mails are. Which is a surprise to some as the bigger share of the pie going to social networks like Facebook?

Online mail is the only place where you have control over what is happening – something we cannot say about the ever-changing algorithms of social media websites. So e-mail marketing is something you definitely need to embrace and use its full potential. Here are ten ways to do that.

1. Sign up Form, Newsletter Subscribe or Ask for Demo form on the front page

It is an exceptional skill to give anyone something they don’t even look for. Only a few enter a website or a blog with the idea to give their e-mail to you. However, making the Sign-Up button up to the very top along with other important links is a great way to have the user interested. Similarly, if not signup form, have a newsletter subscribe link or ask for demo form.

For subscribe forms, you can use sumome WordPress plugin. Most of the cms and frameworks have newsletter plugins too.

2. Unobtrusive Pop-up button 

Pop-ups, slide-ups, slide-downs – call them however you like – they are one of the most efficient tools for building your e-mail lists.

Putting a nicely looking sign-up form like Hello Bar or Many Contacts is easy and proved to be working. You have to be careful with pop-ups though because as boosting they are, there are people that would be pushed away if they have a call-to-action button as a start of their browsing.

On AeroLeads blog, we are using SumoMe and GC Message Bar WordPress plugins.

3. Clear Privacy policy

One of the main reasons a visitor won’t subscribe to your mailing list is that they are not exactly sure why do you need their e-mail.

Have a simple privacy policy, so who wants to, could see you have good intentions and don’t use people’s data not according to their plan.

Link this policy at the bottom of your forms if you can or else mention that you will not sell the details to third parties. It will also be good to mention if you are going to subscribe to newsletters and mailing list.


4. Give Something Free

You first give before taking it. Everybody loves free stuff but we are not talking about just something – you have to choose your e-book, special video or whatever you want to give away wisely. HubSpot is a great example, I have downloaded their ebooks and guides and found them to be useful and informative.

If a client has chosen to follow you for some reason, you are obliged to provide them with real quality content. Appreciate the time of your clients.

5. Placing Subscribe Invitation on Social Media

Social networks with Facebook ahead of everyone works great for business, even without paying a ton of money for promotion.

Use social websites for integrating your sign-up forms. Everything else in the works is just like magic. The opportunity is too good not to be taken.

Use Slideshare and Youtube too other than facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to build community and spread content. Slideshare has really good form embed feature (for PRO users) which can be used to capture prospects.

6  Work with others – seminars, events, etc.

Invite people to sign up whenever it is possible and relevant – you visit a seminar or webinar – give links to your site. You are leading a lecture in your field of knowledge in front of a big audience – make an example of your product. Specific examples are a thoughtful way to present what are you doing.

You can get plenty of prospects and leads with the demos and be exchanging visiting cards. If possible, try to be innovative to stand out from others.


7. Make Signing Up Easy

Last but not least. It’s enough to start with an e-mail and two names – simple as that.

It’s a common mistake to have a sign-up form full of secondary information, that you actually don’t need as much. Which often could push away many people with the wrong expectations about the process. For example, at AeroLeads, we decided to not ask for Phone Number even though we are a B2B product company. We also felt instead of having First Name and Last name as two fields, why not have a single field and at the backend, we can split the names into first and last.


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