6 Places to Submit your Product Startup

There are plenty of startup directories on the web like crunchbase, betalist, angel.co etc and most of the startups are listed on them but most often these directories are not used by end users to discover startup products.

If you have a web product and you are looking for product discovery by end user, you want to submit your product to review and product discovery platforms where you can get early adopters, users and even paying customers. Here is one such list (if you want to suggest more such sites, please put it comments)

6 Software Review and Showcase Sites to Submit your Web Product Startup

1. G2Crowd

G2Crowd is one of the major product listing and review site where users also review products. You can upload your product demo video, pricing, screenshots etc along with product category. They have a nice reviewing system where you can also manage the reviews your users are giving to your product as well as ask others for reviewing your products. This is very useful for product companies as they can get lot of testimonials on a single platform from real people which they can use later.


2. Capterra

Along with G2Crowd, Capterra is one of the 2 major product listing site. Though Capterra started much before G2Crowd. It also offers adding lot of data about the product as well collecting reviews.


3. ProductHunt

In last few months, ProductHunt has become huge by filling the void of lack of quality web product discovery platforms. Unlike other sites, you can submit small plugins and simple feature websites. Since the submission is invitation only, you probably want to ask someone to submit your product.

Product Hunt

4. HackerNews (Show HN)

It is worth submitting your product here. With just few votes, you can get lot of visibility. Although you may not get any paying customers, you can get people who can talk about your product.


5. Reddit Startups

Reddit startups and other sub reddits can often give you good traffic, visibility and users. There “show your startup” monthly thread can also give you some new users.



Update – After publishing this post, I realized that getapp is paid with non refundable $1000 to $5000 fees. You can see the pricing only after signing up. I am still keeping it here though I don’t think most of the startups are in the position to pay $5 per click!

6. GetApp – GetApp is primarily for business and SaaS products.


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