51 Lead Generation Methods

Are you tired of having to wait and wonder how to generate more and more leads while watching other companies flourish and a boom in profits? All the tips and tools you need to follow and try are brought to you right here. Everyone is super motivated and knowledgeable to make their businesses successful in the market.  To do the same and make your business race ahead of others you need a successful conversion of your advertising strategies to get leads to sign up and buy your products and services. Getting people to sign up for new products is not an easy task either because they tend to stick to the brands they know and trust. But how to achieve and become the brand they know and want to stick to? Getting more leads and people interested in your business!

51 Lead Generation Methods

There are several easy ways to do this and get the establishment of your customer base done right and effectively, without too much pressure on the sales team.

Below are the sites and methods you can refer to, for this purpose:

1. Using effective landing pages and animations:

Using properly formatted landing pages and clean animations add an edge to the advantage you get while establishing your product. Establishing this and doing this step properly, one can gain the trust of customers because it makes the user think it is a brand to follow even if they are seeing it for the first time. What matters most here is you place your brand logo properly designed on your landing page or pages. Having multiple landing pages adds additional points to your authenticity score.

51 Lead Generation Methods

 2. Representing your company on Quora:

Quora is the place where people go to ask questions about anything and everything and more often than not they tend to ask about company reviews and trustability from people who have heard of or used the company products or services. Based on their questions you should give detailed and long answers to satisfy their inquisitiveness regarding whether they should go ahead with the company products.51 Lead Generation Methods

 3. Providing CTAs and using Exit-Detection plugins:

Using plugins which trigger CTAs after detection of the user trying to exit the site, this method can serve as the proper, “see you soon” for your company website. The customer will definitely read the CTA once and there’s a higher chance to get them to sign up based on the nature of CTA designed.

51 Lead Generation Methods

 4. Enabling Guest blogging on your site:

More and more people are into blogging these days and they tend to have properly developed sites for their interests. But getting the user to blog on your site and getting your product or services advertised indirectly via this method is really effective. Because post blogging they tend to share the blog on social media means better outreach and therefore better lead conversion based on a larger audience which you have established now using this simple step.

51 Lead Generation Methods

 5. Using SlideShare to reach a large audience:

SlideShare is now one of the top 20 most visited platforms and people tend to look for businesses and learning here and all kinds of topics they want help with. It is also an effective platform to share your work with the public. The simple method of placing links to your site in comments works wonders on this site. Additionally, you could upload an entire presentation having your links to the company site and upload the slide as a method of embedding links.

51 Lead Generation Methods

6. Using pop-ups:

Using pop-ups to get them to sign up to your newsletter or use the pop up to get their attention to something, in particular, is a great way to catch the audience’s attention to actually use your audience the right way. This way you get better leads and more interest generated in specific prospects of the site or campaign.

51 Lead Generation Methods

 7. Offering a free trial:

Using the popular method of letting your customer first try your service for a limited time and limited features make them want to try more if you can get the impression right this way. The proper way to get leads from this method is to publicize this properly on your site and other platforms so customers seeing the ad, lead to your landing page to try out the product and this has a really high chance of successful conversion than other methods as it goes by the simple ideology of “buy it if you like it”.

51 Lead Generation Methods

8. Staying connected to your customers:

As essential as it is to get new customers it is just as important to not lose the old ones, as you want to grow and not depreciate in quality if your customers complain because of any difficulty they face in anything. Facebook and many other platforms now support chatbots if you cannot personally answer the queries as much. It is quintessential to satisfy the customer with the proper care to get them the product quality you claimed and thus establishing your brand name, quality, and authenticity which makes them want to stick with your brand instead of others.

51 Lead Generation Methods

 9. AeroLeads:

AeroLeads is super effective as the platform allows you to find prospects from a wider audience across various social media platforms. Once you get the prospecting list, it is easy to transfer to other tools like SalesForce, Zoho CRM, other sales and CRM tools as all it takes for this process is one click.

51 Lead Generation Methods

 10. Leadformly:

From having built-in analytics and audience insights to handling how the little things, Leadformly handles them all so you don’t have to.51 Lead Generation Methods


11. Intercom Acquire:

As the name is pretty self-explanatory this tool allows you to interact directly or with preset display messages to visitors to your website provided some conditions are met.

51 Lead Generation Methods

12. Lead Forensics:

Even though tools like the previously mentioned LeadFormly help with your forms being filled by a lot of visitors, there are always some people who do not fill out the forms and tend not to become your clients right away. That’s where LeadForensics comes in- it shows you the visitor’s IP to tell you people from which company is viewing your website so you can call them later and get better lead generation as they tend to know about your company if they have visited your website.

51 Lead Generation Methods

13. ActiveCampaign:

A company’s ability to capture and convert leads is largely dependent on its email marketing and CRM solution. ActiveCampaign allows you to track any interaction a lead has with your website and then uses them as triggers for your email marketing campaigns.

51 Lead Generation Methods

 14. LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool for capturing leads if you’re in B2B sales as it allows you to save leads directly into CRM based on recommendations and who’s viewed your profile.

51 Lead Generation Methods

15. Datanyze:

The main pro to Datanyze is that it shows you the technology used by your prospects and based on that helps you find new prospects.

51 Lead Generation Methods

 16. Growbots:

Once again, as the name goes it is a ‘bot’ which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and used huge databases and embedded rules to do clever and outbound lead generation.

51 Lead Generation Methods

17. Hoovers:

Hoovers is kind of the largest source of business information on the internet. So even if it leads you’re aiming for, Hoover is a great place to look in.

51 Lead Generation Methods

18. Turnstile:

Turnstile is essentially a video hosting platform but with a twist. It helps you to collect names and email addresses of potential customers after someone has finished watching a video.

51 Lead Generation Methods


19. Qualaroo:

Qualaroo acts as a customer research tool to provide unobtrusive mini customer surveys which help you communicate better with the visitors on your website.

51 Lead Generation Methods

20. Unbounce:

Unbounce is an A/B testing platform for marketing people and can be used to get best results from landing pages, advertisements, marketing emails and other sources.

51 Lead Generation Methods

21. LinkedIn Advertising:

Apart from being the overall business platform, and being the hub for company profiles LinkedIn also offers Advertising which you can use to reach the right and large audience here. Specify your targets by job profile, industry, and many other factors available.

51 Lead Generation Methods

22. Sumo:

This tool plays a huge part in the growth of your site. Coding knowledge isn’t required at all to start using this tool on your website and is completely hassle-free this way. It does a great job boosting the traffic on your website although the free version allows limited website views per month. It uses your business capabilities to invite the website visitors to turn into permanent clients and therefore increasing leads.

51 Lead Generation Methods

23. Rapportive:

This is essentially an add-on by LinkedIn built for Chrome and Firefox and uses Gmail. It leverages the LinkedIn profile information you have to display everything about what and how your connections are doing everything in their businesses. It allows you to generate leads using your LinkedIn connections itself.51 Lead Generation Methods


24. Skrapp:

Skrapp is another chrome extension that allows you to collect email addresses from LinkedIn. It gathers email addresses which can consist of names, job profile, company name, and geolocation all sourced from LinkedIn. It helps you generate leads by collecting all this data from searching, groups, and profiles visited. In the free version, they allow up to 200 emails to be collected.

51 Lead Generation Methods

25. ExpertFile:

This tool allows you to handle and boosts your promotion of the best content by spreading your brand image, boosting website interaction and handling customer inquiries. This tool allows one to directly connect with the industry experts using the search option from a large number of topics to only find the top hats in the field from the leading organizations.51 Lead Generation Methods

26. ProfileVisitor:

This is one another Chrome extension that uses your LinkedIn capabilities. This is how it operates:

  • It will visit profiles on your behalf automatically.
  • LinkedIn notifies you on visiting these profiles
  • Your ghost visits to profiles will invite back curiosity in yours and your companies profile by the people visited by this tool.
  • This leads to increasing profile views on LinkedIn and connections in increasing rates for gathering sales and leads.

51 Lead Generation Methods

27. GetProspect:

This is another LinkedIn tool that allows you to compile a list of potential leads, reminder and a calendar by going through the imported information for refining the generated list by keywords and exporting selected sales leads to CSV files to be used in email marketing services. The free version allows up to 50 emails per month.

51 Lead Generation Methods


28. RevampCRM:

RevampCRM provides an amazing CRM solution through its available CRM platforms for the small businesses, sales, marketing, and online storage. The 30-day free plan stays forever if you choose not to upgrade. The full version is available to try for 30 days as well. Features listed under the free version:

  • Contacts, tasks, and deals are limitless.
  • 360 contact profiles allowed
  • Smart filtering
  • List management
  • Dynamic segmentation
  • Smart Lead Clipper
  • Extension for Gmail inbox

51 Lead Generation Methods

29. PRHunters:

PRHunters saves you hours of time searching for PR leads. It offers you a free package for selecting the familiar topics and activating an alert that goes off on getting similar keywords. They deliver your PR leads in real time and you’ll be getting a daily summary of the PR opportunities that matter to you.51 Lead Generation Methods


30. Discover.ly:

Discover.ly helps you generate leads from across the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It offers a chrome extension which looks like this and then it’s up to have to add your major profiles here for finishing up the process:

As visible, this extension allows you to add your prospects and collects all of their information from across the social media.



This is a search tool that uses the web engine and Chrome Extension to look for email addresses. It acquires all these from the database of decision makers in millions of companies worldwide. You get verified and authentic data instead of machine guesswork by using data from multiple sources and it automatically removes those from its database which is not verified data. It also helps you auto-fill the search results from its chrome extension and save these prospects as lists, revealing verified email addresses with one click.

51 Lead Generation Methods

32. Hellobar:

This tool offers a lot of options when it comes to lead generation that leads traffic to your website, captures email and enables you to connect them. It is like a lead generating all-rounder machine. Using it can double your followers and subscribers in a small period of time. Increasing social media followers, social shares, Pinterest pins, and tweets are also available as an option. It also provides options to test A/B test of your messages and recommends the messages tailored best for your website visitors. Hellobar sprouts quality leads that give rise and seed and convert even more website visitors into customers.

51 Lead Generation Methods

33. AddThis:

AddThis is a plugin for sites with WordPress enabled and allows for sharing buttons to be included to all pages in an easy manner. It is a well-designed tool so it is compatible with all devices. AddThis helps in building lists by connecting to the leading email marketing platforms directly by utilizing your business website. According to their claims, their tools are best for boosting your website engagements with the audience with easy to handle marketing tools.

51 Lead Generation Methods

 34. Bitrix24:

Bitrix24 is a great and free lead generating tool which falls in the CRM and project management category. The free trial provides 5GB of cloud storage, enterprise network, email collaboration, group chatting and many other options to use. Not only is it good at generating leads, it also offers the option to let you create and handle your projects on the platform.

51 Lead Generation Methods

 35. Hotjar:

This isn’t exactly a lead generation software but it helps you get insights on what users want and care about and do on your site based on what they click using the power of analytics. It provides you with reports to understand the behavior of potential leads.

51 Lead Generation Methods

 36. Hunter:

This is an email finding lead generation and email verification tool. It provides three types of resources for pure leads:

  1. In domain search, it provides the email address according to its domain around the web.
  2. Email finder, it snoops out the email id of the lead using first name, last name and the domain name.
  3. In email feedback, it verifies whether an email is getting delivered to the provided email id.

51 Lead Generation Methods

 37. Hubspot Marketing:

The free plan allows you to handle your business capturing, tracking and capturing leads free of cost. It also has a free online lead generation software for the promotion of your business. Features available are:

  1. Contact forms
  2. Lead capturing pop up forms
  3. Contact database
  4. Traffic and conversion analytics
  5. Integration with CRM, email and form tools

It is the all-rounder inbound marketing software which helps to give a boost to traffic, gather leads and convert them into customers.

51 Lead Generation Methods

 38. Buffer:

This is an easy way to handle your posts and share them on social media. Posts can be scheduled to be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. The full version of the tool, gives the analytics option as well that allows you to understand your social media return investment. It plays an important role in generating leads as having a strong online presence is a great way to lead potential customers to your site as well as improving your brand image.

51 Lead Generation Methods

39. Leadboxer:

Leadboxer is a powerful tool that uses real-time information about who is on your website and interacting with it and leads generation assets. It makes it easy for you to find potential leads for your business, understand the people visiting your site, boost qualification, and therefore grow your profits. Using data science and algorithms it will deliver impressive results and a great return on your investment.

51 Lead Generation Methods

40. Callmaker:

This tool adds an option to enable automatic calling on your website. It allows you to gather phone numbers from sales prospects and call them back instantaneously. Callmaker is a great inbound sales marketing tool that helps you trigger more sales conversions.

51 Lead Generation Methods

41. RightHello:

This tool solves your problems of customers not being led to you by creating a list of a lot of potential customers, picking the companies that might personally be of interest to you the most and be sending a qualified staff member at the company a personal email greeting. It is a great tool with a lot of potentials to boost sales if you’re motivated to work hard to approach and chase the business opportunities.

51 Lead Generation Methods

42.Colibri IO:

This tool allows you to find mentions about your products, company and even your competition. It provides you with all the necessary resources that you require to find quality websites, where you can spread your influence, and get priceless mentions. Additionally, this service makes your brand rank better in Search Engines also and is another powerful inbound marketing tool.

51 Lead Generation Methods


This is another automated service tool to help you manage your outreach by email. It allows you to start cold email campaigns that feel like warm ones and puts your email on its gears and is a valuable addition to your lead generating and prospecting stack.

51 Lead Generation Methods

44. Oktopost:

Oktopost is designed to handle your social media presence and make it easier for you to post, engage your audience. With a tool like this to better spread your brand messages, your lead generation issues are a thing of the past.

51 Lead Generation Methods

 45. Hootsuite:

This is similar in a lot of ways to the previously mentioned tool, ‘buffer’ as it helps you generate more leads through social media which leads to higher number of opportunities to land deals.

51 Lead Generation Methods

46. ClickMeeting:

Clickmeeting is a webinar hosting platform as webinars are another way to generate and collect leads. Its special feature is it has an API for any other lead management software you are using. In webinar options like polls and surveys are also available to increase engagement.

51 Lead Generation Methods

47. Found.ly: 

This is one of the topmost and easy to use B2B prospecting platforms out there. It is easy to use and feature packed and generates lots of leads between businesses that you might not actually grasp with other lead management tools.

51 Lead Generation Methods

48. LeadGenius:

This tool has a special feature that no other tool might exactly offer. Instead of generating you a lot of leads, it serves you the better ones. By targeting the best possible prospects, it gets accurate and up to date information about them. Then onwards, it helps you engage with them so you have a more interactive platform that yields better results.

51 Lead Generation Methods

49. Ringostat:

The ideology behind ringostat is getting you more calls because as per their methods, you get 50% more leads with this method. It gets you more calls from your website and therefore increasing lead generation numbers.

51 Lead Generation Methods

50. Engageform:

This is another form generation tool but with an added quality. It aces in online surveys, quizzes, and polls. Those quizzes on Facebook that claim to tell you on what kind of person you are or character from your favorite TV show are and so on, it was probably made using Engageform. It is super easy, effective and attractive to use.

51 Lead Generation Methods

51. Segment.io:

If you have a multi-faceted team such as departments for sales, help desks, and social and so on, this is the tool for you. It gets them onboard and acts as an integrating tool and gets them to work together. It captures every customer data point and makes it available to everyone who needs it with no mess involved.

51 Lead Generation Methods

So, to sum it up yes, there are many more methods and ways you could find prospects and generate leads and get conversions but the most effective have been listed here to help your search for the perfect business expansion solution is easier and these tools are really efficient.

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