5 Tips For Startups to Drive Massive Organic Growth

Achieving organic growth is essential to build up any client base. Buying out such a thing like a fan base is not possible. You can’t buy people’s hearts unless you’re willing to give away free stuff forever. There are plenty of giant players in the market who have huge outreach. To feel small as a startup in a field with so many big and small players alike is easy. But, we shouldn’t give up in this world when trying to bring up a business. There might be a day when other firms and startups feel the same way when looking at companies lie yours.
We know that no one stays at the top forever. Every one gains an edge over the next one, some day or another. But how to do this in a world with so much competition, as an upcoming business? Let’s have a look:

Investing in content creation:

Content creation and marketing is something that puts your business in the view of the people interested. Learning and reading about products and services is something that all of us do. Use that as a marketing point and gain an audience to sell your products to. So, inbound marketing and content marketing play a vital role in creating the audience base you require. Having a blog post these days is more critical than having a website itself.


If you’re an offline business, having a dedicated blog page can itself get you all the audience attention you could gather. That is because SEO and SMM can bring your page up in the search results. So, people searching for something generic or random lying in your domain can bring them to your page.

So, it is valid to say that businesses without a blog page would definitely not show up anywhere compared to those making efforts. However, this is also a competitive arena where only the best dedicated business make it through. They are as dedicated to content creation and marketing as they are to every day business. And like any other process, anything worthwhile takes a fair bit of time. You’re not gonna be able to attract customers with a few blog posts and stop afterwards.

  • Long posts have the potential to generate 9 times as much leads as short ones.
  • The CPL (Cost Per Lead) can fall by at least 80% within a few months of using content marketing.
  • Most of the thriving businesses make up around 93% of the online presence.

Trying out new trends and strategies:

There are constantly upcoming trends and strategies available in the market because of the demand everyone has. Everyone wants something or the other in a race to get the best of everything in their lives. So, marketers do use this to their benefit and keep on coming up with new strategies and trends to keep afloat. Think of new ways and areas where you can outdo current established business. They might have a defined business model and strategy.


But, as an up and coming startup business, you can be innovative and take risks tell you make it. Then you could stick to your magic formula or keep innovating and be a leading marketing company. Using the same formulas as previously established business just puts you behind them, waiting in a queue. Keep trying out new strategies you think could get you attention and profit in the long run. Just standing out is something that takes a lot of hard work and risks and failed experiments, but something or the other could always work. If everyone just tried to make a livelihood by following what the previous generation or organizations used, we wouldn’t grow but get outdated.

Grow and execute:

To grow requires planning and strategy. Set a goal and a good path to reach that goal. Figure out how to reach that goal and how your short term activities are bound to end up in the long term. Use content marketing and see how your short term growth can impact your long term goals. See how your content marketing can stand out from the rest of the competitors.


Additionally, documenting and analyzing your marketing strategy also helps figuring out the pitfalls. That way you can improve and see what didn’t work and what might just work next time. Try adapting your strategy around pillar and cluster types of content.

Pillar content:

This is the kind of content that differs from your typical blog post or social media engagement. It’s more of an educational coverage which can be broken down into further parts. They consist of ebooks, guides, or posts on a wide range of broad topics.

Cluster content:

Cluster content is basically your internal links like subtopics, subject lines and personalization techniques. This is for the search engines to check upon for the topic. Use engaging content like blog, videos, ebooks, guides and so on.
Use pillar and content based content strategy and you’ll be having a perfect content marketing strategy to grow.

Focusing on relationships:

In the marketing world relationships are everything. It can be your relationship with your client, partner, competitors, and so on. The same applies to the online world. People like quality content and therefore attract towards the source. Developing relationships with the influencers and editors, writers in your domain will help you in the long run. Consult those experts and see what could work with a symbiotic relationship and as partners. The goal here is to spread your reach far and wide using your content. Build a relationship with the big fish in your domain and that should take your organic growth exponential.


Using the latest technology:

There are plenty of tools which enable monitoring and marketing performance today. From monitoring how your emails perform to how your content marketing works, there are lots of tools to help in figuring out a strategy. Organic growth is essential and there are a lot of tools to help you with it. Use A/B testing as well as personalization everywhere possible. Make good use of Google and other search engine scoring techniques.


Investing creating and performing are the three corners of organic growth. Use various methods and practices to grow and invest in content marketing rather than short time fulfilling practices.

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