5 Proven Ways to Generate Sales Leads for IT Industry

IT industry is an ever evolving and advanced branch. But to keep it evolving, there has to be marketing in place. There are several tools and strategies one can use to generate sales leads. Additionally, getting sales leads for your IT Company isn’t always free. It’s more of like an investment into information to get people to show interest in your company. In addition to improving the quality of your IT products, marketing and getting potential buyer number boost should be of vital importance.

1. Inbound Marketing:

Inbound marketing has become increasingly popular in the marketing and advertising world for the last several years and is a very effective strategy to find sales leads. It helps to generate a higher rate of ROI. Inbound marketing strategies are less expensive, and provide long term benefits to all type of businesses.So, consider the following inbound marketing strategies, which are among the most popular :

  • PPC Campaigns: PPC campaigns are an essential part of the digital marketing sector. PPC (Pay Per Click) is the service that lets you display your ads by paying for them across the internet. Be it search engines, social media platforms, anything that supports PPC can display them. The best thing is you only pay if someone clicks. And this definitely leads to an increase in conversion rates.
  • SEM: SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the practice of properly optimizing and rolling out content and other services to rank better in search results. The better changes you make as per search engine algorithms, the better is your visibility in the search engines. A higher ranking and visibility, of course, attracts a lot of traffic and potential customers.
  • SMM: SMM (Social Media Marketing) play a very important role in today’s reachability. Be it celebrities, influencers, companies, politicians all use Social Media marketing to reach out and keep their follower base engaged.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is an efficient way to reach out to prospects and customers directly and deliver content and offers alike. Nothing speaks dedicated attention louder than email marketing. Using personalization and segmentation to deliver email content results in higher conversion and engagement rates. You can also buy email database for IT Industry and build a good list of sales leads.


Ways to Generate Sales Leads for IT Industry

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2. Client Referral:

Using a referral awards program with your current and new user base can help you generate sales leads super fast. Moreover, people who plan to use a referral once are more likely to start a chain of referrals to get new people to sign up for the benefit of getting discounts or rewards. This approach works very well in software companies and daily use services. Offering your clients additional days of using the full version of the software or use products longer can work well in the IT industry.

Ways to Generate Sales Leads for IT Industry

3. Participate in IT trade fairs and Conferences:

A trade show is an exhibition with the purpose of bringing out companies of specific industries to showcase their products and latest updates, announcements, future plans and the latest trends in the industry. Usually, people coming to trade fairs are generally customer and companies looking to find new and get in touch with the regulars. Also, launching your product in trade shows can be a really great move also because of the presence of so many companies and customers in one place. Moreover, your audience can be as much engaged with the product as possible without any barriers.

Ways to Generate Sales Leads for IT Industry

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4. Using LinkedIn:

Let’s face it- LinkedIn is the worlds leading professional network. There are all kinds of professionals, students, influencers from all kinds of industries. With the dependence of the marketing and other industries on technology, using LinkedIn for finding sales leads for your IT company can be rewarding. With the rise in implementation of SaaS in all areas, people are on the constant lookout for finding new softwares to reduce manual work. You can both advertise your company and use LinkedIn advertisements to push the idea to such a wide network of professionals. Additionally, there are several lead generation tools that use LinkedIn as one of the platforms for verifying lead information and collecting and updating the rest. So, with the potential of LinkedIn, it is definitely a wide move to use it for lead generation as well.

Ways to Generate Sales Leads for IT Industry

5. Giveaways:

Everyone likes something they get for free. Using your product advertising in a way that you give away free trials or watered down versions of your product is another way to generate sales leads. This is because more and more people will be willing to give away their information to try out your software. But, a big negative to this approach is sacrificing on quality of sales  leads for quantity. Your company is bound to get a lot of leads but out of them, but, how many are likely to convert or upgrade to paid versions depends. It depends on several factors like pricing, software quality, and additional features necessity and so on. This is somewhat of a gamble but you’ll get a large number of sales leads that is for sure. To get more quality leads this way, get their information to contact them in some way. Then use your marketing techniques to eventually get them to convert.

Ways to Generate Sales Leads for IT Industry

Generating sales leads for any company can be a meticulous task that requires investment of a lot of resources. Surely, you can get a large number of leads and even quality leads. But, the number of leads isn’t necessarily directly proportional to your company’s revenue making ability. Lead generation for IT companies can be a bit different than other companies because of the kind of products. Software and gadgets can surely help a lot of people interested in your company. But, in case the products or services are new in market and people don’t aware of it, you need to apply some techniques for brand awareness and lead generation. These ways are proven and tested by several companies and can surely help yours too. You can also go for automated lead generation services to generate more sales leads.


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