5 Must Have Tools To Super-Charge Your Sales Engine

Tools To Super-Charge Your Sales Engine - Aeroleads

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According to a survey conducted by Selling Power, finding more qualified leads, deals lost due to delays and fewer staff members to help hit sales targets are among the top 10 challenges faced by salespeople. Other challenges mentioned are too much competition, getting through C-level decision makers and competing with lower priced competitors.

While each issue can be treated as a separate hang-up, there are tactics that address most of those issues. This is a short list of five tools that can increase your reach, improve sales targeting and help with branding.


How do you catch the attention of the decision makers? You could post exactly the right content consistently to get noticed by them and enable your sales representatives to develop strong social profiles to build a solid brand perception. DrumUp focuses on helping you achieve both those goals.

DrumUp sources the latest content in your industry related to keywords that you set on a daily basis. This content curation app allows you to schedule or share that content to your social pages with ease. Being the first to share the latest industry developments and trends from top-notch sources will help position your brand as the go-to for information in your niche. You can even automate the posting of news by adding your favorite news source’s RSS feed to the app. The app’s content library lets you build a powerful reserve of content to access with ease at any point required in the future. Using the app’s analytics, you can determine the best performing content and optimize your social pages and any additional accounts that you might add (you can add your sales team’s or top employees accounts), to increase engagement and social media impact.

DrumUp’s employee advocacy platform connects employees whom you invite to a common company stream. You can curate your marketing and sales messages to these employees. They can share that content to their social profiles with ease and increase your brand’s visibility by 100X, giving you the opportunity to generate that many more leads. The shares are tracked by a gamified leader-board to motivate participating advocates, and all activity is recorded by the analytics module for you to measure and optimize your success. To learn how to set up your employee advocacy program, you could refer to an employee advocacy guide.


Tools To Super-Charge Your Sales Engine - Aeroleads


To qualify your prospects and generate leads, AeroLeads is a powerful tool to use. The tool surveys the expanse of the internet to find leads that best suit your requirements. To simplify the process, the tool has a Chrome plugin. Within three easy steps, the tool lets you search and add contact details of your prospects to a lead management page. The tool seamlessly integrates with lead management tools like SalesForce, MailChimp, HubSpot, Zapier, Insightly and PipeDrive.

If you opt to use the AeroLeads Lead Generation Service, you simply have to provide the company with details of the job title, industry, and geography that you are targeting. The company promises verified prospects generated within the time frame of 48 hours, a minimal time investment for acquiring quality leads. The tool and service furnish you with details of the leads – name, designation, business email, company name, URL and address. This helps you reach the decision makers in a short span of time, cut your sales cycle duration and effort spent.


Available as a Chrome Extension, Hubspot’s Sales tool notifies you when emails are opened or clicked on from Gmail, Salesforce, and Outlook. If you have just sent out the first wave of emails to qualified leads and want to know if and when to follow-up on those emails, HubSpot’s Sales extension helps you make the decision. Knowing when someone is viewing your email or a particular link can be invaluable. Suppose your leads are viewing your pricing plans, if you get real-time alerts as it is happening, you can seal the deal with a quick call to that lead. It is all about timing and knowing when to make that call. HubSpot’s tool tracks your leads on your website, across social media, and on email, so you can monitor them through your sales cycle.

Using HubSpot’s email solutions you can create a library of custom templates to quickly pull in when required, and access metrics to determine which template and content work best for increasing opens. Email scheduling lets you plan sales contacts in advance to better manage yours and your team’s time. To manage your sales calls and queries, HubSpot gives you a unique booking link to allow your prospects to schedule calls or meets with you with ease.

Tools To Super-Charge Your Sales Engine - Aeroleads


Several brands have been built on lead nurturing via email capture and email marketing. AppSumo, for instance, launched itself forward on the 700,000 odd emails which the founder, Noah Kagan, collected through his website. Sumo offers the email capture box that helps you collect those emails, and gives you access to ‘website heat maps’. This enables you to optimize your website for maximum engagement. The email capture dialogue box is smart, so it pops up just before the visitor is about to leave, helping you capture his contact details just at the right time. The design is customizable and can do A/B testing to identify the version that drives most conversions. Sumo website analytics tracks clicks in real-time. So, you will have instant access to the data at any given time.

Sumo lets you set-up multiple campaigns to test various sections of your website and improve it to increase visitor engagement and experience. Additionally, the app also offers social sharing plug-ins. These plug-ins help you increase your content’s reach by encouraging visitors to share your blog posts on their social media pages. The ease of use and share counter boost shares and help build your brand visibility, positioning you better when pitching to potential customers.

Tools To Super-Charge Your Sales Engine - Aeroleads


According to Lithium, about 72% of people who tweet a complaint expect a response within an hour. So do most people who contact a company for any purpose. The instantness of social media and the internet in general leave companies little room to ignore a comment or contact attempt. Slip-ups can lead to potential customers turning to a competitor for a solution. With Zoho, you can collate all of your conversations on multiple channels on one platform to make your overview of the entire situation easy.  All conversations are tracked with time-prompts so you know the time when someone contacted you and how to prioritize your responses.

The app also offers automated workflows for different steps of a sales cycle so you can optimize your team’s effort. You will be able to assign and monitor tasks of your team. This will help you track your team’s performance. Efficiency and productivity can mean the difference between hitting sales targets and miserably failing them. Using Zoho you can access an overview of your lead nurturing efforts and manage your team’s time to produce the best effect.

Sales is a simple matter of finding the right targets and connecting with them at the right time and with the right frequency to convert them into customers. To streamline your sales process and maximize lead generation and conversions, you need to manage your efforts on the right tools. This list is the perfect place to start.
Tools To Super-Charge Your Sales Engine - Aeroleads


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