6 Advanced Analytics Tools To Measure Your Marketing Efforts

You are shelling out a hefty budget for your sales and marketing campaigns. And not just this, you are probably spending a big chunk of your day in blogging, connecting with new people, and attending B2B events. 

You are putting in so many efforts, but for what purpose? 

To scale up your startup and to increase your ROI, I am sure. 

But all your resources, efforts, and money is likely to go in vain if you don’t monitor your metrics and keep a track of the profit you are gaining against all that you are spending.  

If you are not tracking your progress, then I am sorry to say but you are making a grave mistake. 


Let me tell you why.

Just consider this scenario: you are happy to generate an ample number of leads, they are coming in from every left, right, and center. But you don’t see your revenue going up. 

And this is where you have to draw the line. 

You are generating leads but those leads are not converting into final sales. 

According to stats, only 50% of marketing leads are ready to buy. 

google analytics

That’s why we put extra emphasis on tracking your progress. 

This is where Advanced Analytics Tools come into play.

In this article, we look at the top 5 Advanced Analytics Tools that help you measure your marketing efforts. 

1. Finteza


Finteza is an intelligent and robust analytics tool that helps you analyze your inbound website and mobile app traffic, user behavior and actions, and so forth.

One of the greatest things about Finteza is that it helps you analyze the quality of your traffic as well, which helps you tell apart qualified leads from the unproductive ones. This saves you plenty of time and helps you avoid chasing after the leads that are unlikely to make the final purchase. It also detects bots to save your time and efforts. 

Other prominent features include:

  • Offers you complex and advanced analysis of your website and mobile app visitors and profile them according to their behavior. 
  • Evaluates the source your traffic is coming from along with metrics such as traffic source efficiency, ROI, and more. 
  • It provides extended support for ads and landing pages
  • Help you exclude low-quality leads and bots from your marketing campaign. 

To conclude, Finteza is like a one-stop shop. It helps you analyze your web traffic and at the same time lends a helping hand in your marketing campaigns and help you boost your conversion rate.  

2. Google Analytics 

Google-Analytics Advanced Analytics Tools

This list would be incomplete without Google Analytics. When one thinks of analytics, website traffic analysis, metrics, and more, they immediately think about Google Analytics. 

If you don’t want to miss out on your leads and website traffic, then Google Analytics is the advanced analytics tool for you. And it is not your regular analytics tool — it offers a wide suite of tools to achieve different tasks related to metrics. 

Have a look at what you can do with this advanced analytics tool: 

Build a whole picture 

Analyze and access your site and mobile app users and see their inbound source or referral. It gives you a better insight into your customer and helps you discern the performance of your marketing campaign, products, content, and more. 

Get in-depth insights 

Using advanced, technological processes like Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Google Analytics provides you with deep, robust data and insights. 

Seamless workflow 

It is easy to navigate and offers easily accessible data reports to help you scale your growth and saves you a whole lot of time. 

3. KISSmetrics 


KISSmetrics goes one step ahead from your regular advanced analytics tool. 

If you want in-depth insights into your customers’ behavioral pattern, then KISSmetrics is the tool for you. For example, it helps you discern where your visitors are coming from, what steps & actions they are talking on your website or mobile app, and so forth. All in all, with KISSmetrics, you can get a complete overview of your complete buyers’ journey — from the first step right down to the final purchase, even beyond that. 

Don’t let us dictate you though. This popular app is used by over 900 companies globally and is particularly useful for ecommerce enterprises. 

Apart from this, KISSmetrics also offers advanced data visualization, that too without all the unnecessary hassle that so many other advanced analytics tools require. 

It also offers some other prominent services, such as:

  • You can run an effective automated email marketing with its assistance. 
  • This tool helps you understand the behavioral pattern of your leads and customers. 
  • Helps you scale up your conversion rate and customer retention rate using its deep insights and smart metrics. 
  • With this advanced analytics tool, you can easily engage your website visitors and help them navigate through your website with substantial ease. 

4. SE Ranking 


SE Ranking is one of the most advanced, if not the most advanced website analytics tools on the internet. As is the norm with so many advanced analytics tools, it also helps you determine who your website visitors are and from what medium they are coming from. 

However, what makes it stand apart from the herd is its vast coverage, which is simply astounding. In fact, it offers a multitude of tools under one platform. These tools help you track things such as the keywords your competitors are ranking for, what is the real-time position of your own keywords, and so on and so forth. 

The thing that we liked the most about this advanced analytics tool is its penchant of keeping track of your competitors’ metrics as well. 

Other tools include: 

  • On-page checker – This sub-category of the tool helps you keep track of your keywords and check your webpages to see whether they are ranking or not. 
  • Social Media Management: Amid all other marketing efforts, you can’t leave social media marketing behind. That’s why these tools help you monitor your social media marketing efforts as well. 
  • Keyword suggestion tool: with over 3 billion keywords in its database, this tool allows you to perform perfect keyword research to target a particular demographic 
  • Page changes monitoring: Want to get notifications whenever your website or your competitors’ website gets an upgrade or modification? If yes, then this tool has you covered! 

5. ChartBeat 


ChartBeat is a great tool to get in-depth insights on content that you publish. It helps you monitor important metrics regarding your content including who is reading your content, what potential it has, and where is the web traffic coming from. 

Moreover, this advanced analytics tool provides real-time insights vis-a-vis your reader engagement, your bounce rate, and so forth. 

As for the demographics, it shows the metrics for all demographics and categorizes them to give you better and more laser-targeted results. As a result, now you can identify how is your content performing, which content is performing well and which content is rejected by the readers. Based on these metrics, you can audit, update, and optimize your content to make it better and similar to the content that is perfuming better. 

ChartBeat has 3 total avenues:

Dashboards – a window into your readers 

An easy-to-navigate dashboard helps you identify how your readers are engaging with your content in real time, assess your overall KPIs, and also discern how your visual content like videos are performing when it comes to gabbing user attention. 

Optimization tools – tools to adapt and optimize 

This suite of tools runs numerous tests on your landing page and content page to show you how they are performing. With the assistance of ChartBeat, you can even optimize these pages to makes them perform better. 

In-depth reports – for a deeper read 

Get daily insightful reports, which includes automated insights, breaking down every important aspect of your content marketing campaign. It has more flexible tools if you want to go deeper into the insights. Moreover, use these insights to keep tracks of your content and its performance. 

6. Unbox Social

Unbox Social is a powerful and reliable social media analytics tool that lets you derive important data behind your social media properties. The multi-faceted analytics suite offers valuable intelligence about your social media presence.

With Unbox Social, you can dig deeper into important data and insights about your social media handles, individual content posts, and vital audience demographics. The tool allows you to capture the bigger picture with a detailed overview of your social media performance. At the same time, it allows you to micro-manage your content with the help of post-wise analytics. You can also develop an in-depth understanding of your audience with detailed insights about them.

The key to building an effective social media presence is in constantly keeping an eye on what is working for your brand and what isn’t. Unbox Social helps you with just that. You can conveniently get access to all your content performance and build strategies around it.

Other Top Solutions To Watch Out For :

  • This tool helps you capture the audience sentiment behind your brand.
  • You can use social listening to track specific keywords or hashtags relevant to your brand.
  • Benchmark your social media performance against your competitors’ using the competition tracker.
  • Measure the share of voice of your brand in the industry.
  • Pull out multi-format, feature-wise reports to put all your data into perspective.

Summing it all up 

Don’t depend on guesswork anymore – it won’t get you anywhere. If you want to gain a firm foot in your marketing endeavors and scale up your growth, you have to measure your performance and related metrics. If you fail to do so, then you are simply putting in efforts without no real goal.

The tools mentioned above come with great capabilities and help you measure metrics from all breadths including content marketing, social media marketing, landing pages, and more. Apart from this, most of these tools also offer in-depth reports and flexible tools to optimize your marketing efforts so that they can bear more fruits.

As I always say, don’t delegate — monitor your efforts with these advanced analytics tools, without late.

Besides these analytics tools, if you want to scale up your lead generation process, we have prepared a perfect list for that as well. We recently scoured through the internet and integrated a collection of powerful and automated lead generation tools for B2B businesses. Check them out here: 30+ Lead Generation Software Tools For B2B Businesses

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