4 Ways to Find Prospects and Leads for your business from Google+

Many people thought that Google+ hadn’t had too successful start when it was launched back in the summer of 2011. With time though the business recognized the social network, as one with pretty enormous potential. Four years later the results – more than 300 million active users operating through the features of Google+, are saying one thing – opportunity.

Although you have a Facebook account for your personal life, it is the Google+ platform that gives you the best from both business and personal point of view. Here we point out some of the best ways how to make the best of the former one for your sales and marketing team.


1. Use Google+ Hangouts

The hangouts are one of the most powerful tools of Google+, one that differs it from other social networks like Twitter and Linkedin.

Some ways of finding potential prospects through Google+ Hangouts is through webinars, demo presentations, group reviews for your products or even bigger conferences and training.

For example, you could organize a free guide lesson. Developing a social media campaign with the help of your social media marketing web tool. With good targeting, you could reach out to people who would be interested in what you have to say and further – in your product.

In such manner, you can easily avoid the geographical differences and operate on the foreign markets, as well as your local ones to find potential prospects.

Also, it is very convenient to use Google+ Hangouts for organizing business meetings with potential prospects and leads and use the comfort of your choosing while being professional at the same time.

2. Google+ Search 

It is a no-brainer, that you should use the internal search engine of Google+. If you can be sure in one thing, it is that the biggest search engine in the world has done a great job in developing another sub-engine for its social network.

There are no limitations for your search variables – look for certain people or companies in your vertical, as well as specific content, posts, and even whole communities.

Follow individuals in your vertical and engage with their content – comments, likes, sharing, interacting with personal messages and Google+ Hangouts.

3. Google+ Communities

First of all, you should know that taking part in Google+ Communities is one of the most important tasks of your sales team on this social network. As it gives your company a great opportunity, it hides risks too – if you don’t share valuable content and lose the respect of your audience.


You can join many groups/communities to find prospects, create your own – much like the Linkedin Groups.

Everything is organized by interests and it is clearly amazing that you overcome the geographical and cultural aspects of working with foreigners.

4. Get Listed in Google Places

Nowadays it is almost mandatory to get your company listed in Google My Business, which obviously happens with Google+.

When you place your business on the map (quite literally), you can expect for your future prospects to engage with your brand through the contacts you have left. That includes Google+ account, where you post updates on your company’s well-being.

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