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20 lead generation examples aeroleads.com
Lead generation part of our business is not as complex as we think it is. The kind of technology available today has made it more modest. Every platform, we get can be converted into a lead generation platform. All you need is a creative business mind, time and resources to grab the prospects. So, we are here to give you the best 20 lead generation examples you can try in order to increase your lead score!.

Lead Generation Examples #1. Giving away your best for free!

Giving your best for free can actually gain you more leads! Ask your audience to subscribe to your website in order to enjoy the free stuff you provide. And by freely providing them something in a fashion that makes it uniquely your own, will attract the audience who are looking for something that’s more unique than what your competitors provide.

20 Lead Generation Examples - AeroLeads

Lead Generation Examples #2. Using Twitter in a clever way!

Do a quick search on Twitter to know the list of people who are currently interested in what you are doing. This gives you real-time information. It is also a wonderful opportunity to engage with those people who are putting forward your product or have a problem you can solve. Observe your engagement rates, clicks, cost per engagement to measure the success of tweets. Target your audience based on their gender, geography, and interests.

lead generation examples Aeroleads.com

Lead Generation Examples #3. Setting up an effective Landing Page

lead generation examples Aeroleads.com

Tableau landing page, has used company badges, CTAs and testimonials. This makes it a good landing page.

Always try to have more than one landing page. Use bold headline and sub-head combination to convey the powerful, quick, and easy solutions. Use your website badges at the bottom of the page to establish trust and legitimacy. Keep trying different things, test everything, and document it all. Observe every platform to know what people want, and what makes them click your website.

Lead Generation Examples #4. Being active on Quora

Yes, lead generation examples  include the one with Quora too!. You don’t have to promote your products here. That is not going to gain you prospects. All you got to do is answering questions! Always try to give longer and more detailed answers. Make sure that your first few lines are catchy. Share your answers on other social media. Your answers will be catalogued by Google even better as you gather social proof. Quora has “Auto-sharing”, which helps you to connect  to other social networks on your profile.


lead generation examples Aeroleads.com

Lead Generation Examples #5. Using Reddit

Yes, you can get thousands of clicks from Reddit. It has 542 million visitors per month. Share news and trending topics, by this you will get fast reaction. First, make sure you find a relevant subreddit that fits your audience. Do read the rules and regulations of that subreddit. Create your content based on what the audience on that subreddit is talking about. Post the content when more number of users are active. Also, do not over advertise yourself or post too much, these activities might ban you from using Reddit.

Lead Generation Examples #6. Providing CTAs when the prospect is about to exit

One of the easy lead generation examples is using exit detection. You can use exit detection plugins to know if your prospects are about to leave your website and provide them CTAs. The plugins can also detect if it is a same user within the same session and adjust suitably. Do not annoy your visitors by showing your CTA each time they visit your website. For example, let’s say you are an e-book website. You can offer unlimited e-books in return of email subscriptions.

Lead Generation Examples #7. Asking influencers to guest blog on your website

lead generation examples Aeroleads.com

H&M uses a popular fashion blogger as a guest blogger.

Guest-blogging has two benefits. It will give you an excellent and you will get more traffic because the guest bloggers are more likely to share your link. You can either pay money or exposure to your guest bloggers. This will also build a long term relationship with your guests. If you are a business with multiple locations,  you can also use influencers from each location. This way you can connect to the users who are more difficult to reach.

Lead generation Examples #8. Adding Content Upgrades to your blog post

A content upgrade is an extension to a piece of web content that puts on value by trade-off to an email address. This can be free e-books, PSD files, worksheets, infographics, video training and source code.  A case study done by Brian Dean shows that he got a 785% increase in subscribers with just two content upgrades on his site. 

content generation examples Aeroleads.com

Here’s a content upgrade example from Backlinko.

Lead Generation Examples #9. Connecting with your customers on a regular basis

This is Amazon.com’s Facebook comment section

Whenever your customers encounter a problem , your name should always be on top of their mind when they try to solve it. In order to do this, you have to be consistent with your target audience. People usually comment in the comment section asking you for suggestion or help, patiently reply to all the active members. Also, include links of your blogs in the comment. With a smart content strategy adapted to your audience on social media and the consistent visibility offered by promoted posts, you are likely to gather leads from your community on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Remember, people communication is the key in business.

Lead Generation Examples #10. Including links in SlideShare slides

Hubspot links to a lead generating landing page in many of its presentation.

In order to move people to your website, lead magnet and embedded links are key. You can include live links starting on your fourth slide and go all the way to the end of your presentation in SlideShare. Also, before uploading your slide, add links to your presentation within PowerPoint. SlideShare is a great way to generate leads when you are not willing to pay.

Lead Generation Examples #11. Using Pop- up

Source Pop ups like these will help you get access to many email addresses.

Popups can be used to straight your audience’s attention exactly where you want it. It’s quite challenging to attract the attention of website visitors. Make your most important content stand out to your audience by using pop-up. By using pop-up will be differentiating your call-to-action from everything else on the page.

Lead Generation Examples #12. Creating Quizzes 

The main ingredient to create a quiz is knowing your customers. You have to look for what they want to know and are they willing to give up their contact information to get an answer from you. Creating your quiz in a way that answers questions for your potential customers in an automated method is an extraordinary way to gain more new leads. Share your quiz on all  your social media platforms to earn more participants.

lead generation examples Aeroleads. com

KISSmetrics blog had posted a quiz Are you an inbound marketing expert? At the end of the quiz, people were given the option to download one of Hubspot’s ebooks by filling their lead form.

Lead Generation Examples #13. Offering a free trial

Everyone loves free trial. Offering people a free trial captivates your potential customer into a paying customer, at comparatively low cost. It develops an awareness of your website as a subject matter expert. Make sure that you publicize it clearly on your website and all your social media channels, so new customers just checking out your business for the first time notice about your free trial.

Here is an example of a strong free trial offer from eMusic

Lead Generation Examples #14. Creating templates 

A business plan template can remove some of the pain associated with developing or changing your business plan. These templates include employee schedule, marketing tool kit, content calendar, market research sheets. You can help your customers create these templates. It is the ideal way to start a powerful relationship that can end in the prospect actually buying your product or service.

20 lead generation examples Aeroleads.com

For TrackMaven, the template helps get its brand in front of more people to promoting them with appropriate content.

Lead Generation Examples #15. Providing real value in the form of free tools

Start focusing on creating a list of useful tools for your potential customers before you ever ask them for anything. Investing a ton of your time and resources into free content will help people do better marketing. Help your customers learn the industry through your content and community. This will build a trust for your expertise. The value you provide to your potential customers will increase their awareness of your website and earns you consideration when it’s time to look for a tool. In return, you will be attracting the kind of audience that is trying to look for solutions like yours, which could drive more leads. Also, when you let your audience to distribute your work you will get access to new customers.

20 lead generation examples

Wooecommerce is attracting the kind of audience that is looking for solutions like theirs, which could drive leads. See it here.

Lead Generation Examples #16. Sharing success stories from experts

You can prove to your potential clients that you have a deep intention to deliver greatest advice out there by organizing interviews with experts in your industry to share their stories and techniques. By doing so, your reputation as a source of expert information among your audience increases.

Hubspot shares the motivating stories with its potential audience on its blog.

Lead Generation Examples #17. Making help Videos 

Add help video to a landing page of your website with a form and you can collect leads in the video player itself. By doing so you can generate more leads for your website. The best advice is to use your top-of-funnel videos. Those are the best educational videos designed to appeal to a wide diversity of audiences and use cases.

lead generation examples Aeroleads.com

If the audience learn something useful from Wistia by using video like this once, they may probably do it again, and may ultimately come to the site ready to buy a subscription.

Lead Generation Examples #18. Using animations to catch the eye

Include animations to your pop-up, to really grab your visitor’s attention. Use a simple animated pop-ups that catches the reader’s eye without being too diverted. Animations help in understanding pages and points where it can be used effectively can help enhance your user experience. They must serve a purpose.

lead gegeneration examples

This animated pop-up from Hubspot brings more visual ladder to your value prop,and also makes it dynamic, fitting more content it otherwise couldn’t.

Lead Generation Examples #19. Making a Checklist

Everyone has a running to-do list that sometimes gets a little bit too long. If someone runs a content marketing play, you can be sure there are a lot that flashes into it. Create a useful checklist that marketers can download and use for simple reference at work every day.

lead gegeneration examples Aeroleads.com

SMASHING uses this article to prove their brand’s expertise on the subject to encourage checklist downloads.

Lead Generation Examples #20. Giving away a free e-mail course

E-mail courses are the  lead magnets that attract thousands of new subscribers and also attract the right subscribers – the people who are more likely to pay for your courses. A demand for your full course will be created as your audience goes through your e-mail course, they will become more and more aware of your course subject matter and what they don’t know but want to. This generates demand for your full course. Market and promote your free e-mail courses on all social media.

lead generation exples Aeroleads.com

This course by Hubspot offers a free course to its audience by asking them to create an account on their website.

Have your own lead generation examples? What examples do you find more effective? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know in the comment section below.

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