Top 16 Sales Blogs for 2016

Unlike Marketing blogs, sales blogs often go under the radar probably because sales people don’t spend as much time online as marketers do as well as sales bloggers are often not as vocal as marketers. Not to mention, marketing blogs are often followed by webmasters, SEO and bloggers which gives them far more reach and visibility. Any how, while searching for top sales blogs, I found few list but they looked to be old and outdated so I thought to make an updated list of sales blogs for 2016.

Here are the Top 16 Sales Blogs

1. The Filling the Funnel Blog

sales blogs

2. Sales Hackers

sales blogs

3. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot sales blog has good beginners sales information and articles on sales and what processes you can follow.

sales blogs

4. The Sales Blog

sales blogs

5. The Center for Sales Strategy

sales blogs

6. Sales BenchMark Index

sales blogs

7. A Sales Guy

sales blogs

8. Partners in Excellence

sales blogs

9. Jill Konrath

sales blogs - Jill-Konrath

10. Small Selling Tools

sales blogs

11. Adaptive Business Blog

sales blogs

12. Selling Power

sales blogs

13. Jonathan Farrington

14. Score More Sales

15. PredictableRevenue Blog

sales blogs

16. Alen Majer

sales blogs


17. LinkedIn Sales Blog

I don’t think lot of people know about this but LinkedIn do publish sales content on their official blog and has lot of good information.

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  1. Thanks for the info. very helpful:)

  2. Thanks! Adding our Blog where we do interviews with sales people and sales directors about their best tips and tricks:

  3. No#18: I came across this sales blog site which is very usefull.I thought you might want to know.

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  5. Thanks for the awesome list pushkar. Please keep sharing for different verticals.

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