15 Inbound and Outbound Ways to Build Your B2B Leads

If you are selling a b2b product or services, your sales process will start from top of the funnel activities like  prospecting and building leads list. Now there can be hundreds of ways to do prospecting based on your industry and target customers but here is a list of 15 inbound and outbound ways to build your b2b leads list which should apply to most of the niches.

B2B Leads List

Inbound b2b list generation

  1. Maintain a Business Blog – Yes, we know it is so obvious but you will be surprised how many leads a blog can bring with quality and targeted content. For example, with AeroLeads, the 5 highest visited pages of anonymous users are all blog posts. Not to mention, some of our good posts got shared few hundred times on social media too which brought additional traffic.
  2. Share your content with other b2b blogs – Guest blogging makes a really big difference because then you will be attracting people to your site by engaging with people who might have never heard about you. Guest blogging is picking up more and more prominence as a tactic of lead generation. Here, the more credibility you can establish on websites that your potential customers or clients trust, the more likely they’ll be to do business with you.
  3. Content is fire, Social Media is gasoline! – While constantly working to make your blog up to mark with your competitors, it would give you a large advantage if a business could maintain a few social media pages in order to gain more traction.
  4. The Use of Webinars– A webinar is a form of communication wherein you can actually target those who are genuinely interested in what you are doing; otherwise they would not have taken the interest in attending the webinar. This being said, it gives you an amazing opportunity to showcase your talents as well as the products features and hence generate a lot of leads.
  5. The Use of PPC– Pay per click advertising is not necessary at all points of time but in highly competitive environments PPC ads can be extremely useful if your product is up to date with the market or better than it. That being said, PPC is not needed by all businesses.
  6. Magnetise your leads with Lead Magnets– Increase the number of your leads through the use of lead magnets. Lead magnets could be in the form of white paper books, videos, E-Books, etc.
  7. Say Hello from the Other Side– Most of your customer or leads feel comfortable when they have an email id or a toll free number they have access to that they can get in touch with in case they have issues with the product of any sorts.
  8. Testimonials– Word of Mouth marketing is by far the most influential form of marketing in the world. If you can get genuine testimonials for your product and ask your customer to spread the word of your product then your leads generated would rise incrementally.
  9. Exit Detection– Exit Detection gives you one last shot in trying to convert a lost customer into somebody who can be a potential customer. For example, when you suspect a visitor on your client is going to leave your site, you can provide them with something known as a CTA (call-to-action). A CTA can be of anything that is of a useful nature to your customer. Eg: Sites which ask you to subscribe on might offer you a huge discount if you try to unsubscribe from it in order to stop losing you as a customer.

Outbound b2b list generation

  1. Buy b2b Data – You can buy data from various data and list brokers like hoovers, infoUSA, data.com etc. Check out linkedIn data and b2b groups too, they have some good deals and people selling data though they
  2. Build your own prospecting list – You can use tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator with AeroLeads and Rapportive to build your own prospecting list.
  3. Use Cold Calls to Warm up Deals– The use of cold calls to the decision makers might just warm up the lead generating process for you. Just make sure that these cold calls are made to those potential clients who are part of your target market.
  4. Joint Ventures – Talk to other industry leaders in your vertical and do joint ventures of cross promoting in lists and share them.
  5. Show off your Trade– With the right opportunities and strategies, trade shows and exhibition can really make the pains of generating leads easier. If you can forge your strategy to target only those who are potential clients and ignore the timewasters, the cost of these exhibitions and trade shows are worthwhile.

If you know more such methods to build b2b data list, do put them in comments.

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