15 Tools That Will Make Sales Managers Happy

Every business aims to make as many sales as possible. That is what the sales team is responsible for. There are a few things that the sales team must have to be successful at:

  • Confidence,
  • Professionalism,
  • And helpful tools.

While confidence and professionalism are developed over time, helpful sales tools are somewhat hard to find. Moreover, with hordes of tools in the market, it is difficult to realize which tool is the best fit for you.

To solve this problem, we have listed out 15 wonderful tools for you.

We collected the most useful and professional tools that will make the life of every sales manager much more comfortable.

Let’s check out these wonderful tools!

1. LinkedIn Sales Solution


It is an excellent tool for all sales managers. It provides various features like:

Advanced lead and company search,

Notification for any changes in a job within the company,

Personalized services, and much more.

LinkedIn made sure that people in sales can relax a bit and let the automatic software’s do their job. It also helps you in keeping track of all the big companies and their functionality. This smart software also knows how to engage prospective clients.

As per the website, there are two plans available. One is called the professional plan which costs $64.99 per month (one-time payment of $779.88) while the other one is called the team plan whose price is about $99.99 (billed one time as $1,199.88).

2. AeroLeads


Another great tool that can be used by the sales manager is AeroLeads. It is a dynamic tool in association with LinkedIn, CrunchBase or AngelList.

It has an automatic system to find details related to business like name, company or emails. You save a lot of time because the software does the whole searching part for you. Using this tool is cheap and straightforward. You can get it by paying from $49 per month.

3. Zapier

Zapier has dream-come-true features for every sales professional. It is the best tool when it comes to the integration of apps and maintaining relationships. You can synchronize your CRM, email automation and other tools to gain effective workflow without your intruding.

So, for their plan and subscription, you will pay starting from $300 per year is the basic plan but the advanced plan can be as expensive as $3600 per year.

4. Right Inbox

Right Inbox saves you time on repetitive tasks and helps you to send better emails, in less time consistently. Installing Right Inbox will effectively upgrade your Gmail with these superpowers:

  • Schedule emails to be sent later
  • Track email opens and clicks
  • Automate recurring emails to be sent out every time you need them to
  • Use templates to write emails faster & more

5. Front

Front is the collaborative inbox for teams. Easily manage email, live chat, SMS text, and all your customer communications from a single inbox. Integrate with your sales tools and CRM like Salesforce, so your critical customer information is easily accessible, right in your inbox. Edit and manage opportunities next to your messages to keep information up-to-date, and use automated follow-ups and reminders to stay on top of every prospect.

6. HubSpot Sales Hub

It is a useful software for professional teams who want to gain fast growth and have limited time. Deals, tasks, support, or integration- this tool does everything for you. It has great services for sales managers at different types of businesses. You may use the starter pack for one user at €46 per month while the professional package which includes five people starts at €368 per month.


It is a marketing tool which helps to generate email signatures for small teams as well as enterprises. Email signatures are an essential feature of email marketing. It is a block with all the important information about you and your company. It’s the additional way to promote your business and offers as you can add their banners and clickable links.

The sales team can use the email signature to communicate with their clients by sharing case studies, company updates or special offers in the signature banner. It’s quite cheap with a starter’s plan of $24 per year.

8. 24sessions

Another updated software called 24sessions has made life easier for both the clients and sales team. It is an application that allows video conferencing. 24sessions is equipped with high-class features like:

  • Automatic scheduling,
  • Recording,
  • Preparing audits, and
  • Reviewing the call.

This software will make you feel like the customer is actually in front of you. The price is $21 per month for the basic plan, $30 per month for the standard one, and $45 per month for the premium pack.

9. Loom


Loom has come up with a unique idea of sharing your ideas and thoughts using videos and not via text or plain emails. With Loom you do not have to worry about the size and quality of the video.

Videos seem to be better at sharing all the ideas at once. This tool is easy and innovative. You may use it for free, but to unlock more features a specific price has to be paid. You need to contact them directly to get a pricing quote.

10. Prezi

Presentations are a part of sales managers’ daily life. Presentations are a powerful tool when it comes to persuading clients.

The presentations on Prezi are quite interactive and easy to handle. They even provide templates for a specific area (business, school, etc.). The premium version of the Prezi which has been created for business professionals is starting at €59 per month. But before you buy, you may use the free trial.

11. Proposify

You need to present proposals to your client is a professional and effective manner. Proposify is a tool that can help you create proposals that will close deals rapidly. Honestly, the sales department is one of the problematic department in business and also the most crucial. Consequently, proposals and deals are daily ordeals and make the job boring.

The plans are divided based on the size of the company. If you have a small business, you will go for the plan worth $75 per month, and if you’re enterprise it would be $250 per month.

12. SurveyMonkey

If you want to know the voice of the people (what they think about you), surveys are a good option. It is a survey software that helps in understanding the opinion of the general public. Security and control of data is the priority of SurveyMonkey.

Apart from that, you can securely share the data within the company. Of course, there is a free version which has only ten questions and 100 answers. For a business, the pricing range is from €36 to €99 per month.

13. FreshBooks

It is a software that makes accounting easier. Accounting is a tedious process. Using FreshBooks, it is a fast, simple, and secure way to do your accounting. Preparing invoices, organizing expenditure, secure permission to data from the cloud – everything’s under control using FreshBooks.

Cost of the tool depends on the number of people using it. If you have five members in your team, you should go for $15 per month, and if you have 50 clients, you should get $25 per month. If you are a part of the big business (500 clients), you need to go for the plan $50 per month.

14. Detective

It is an AI software for sellers. They make your research process shorter and let you concentrate on selling. They will go through more than a 1000 sources, so your data is accurate and unchallenged. The price again varies, and you may choose the best plan for you and your team.



Boomerang is the solution that allows to schedule emails in Gmail or Outlook, get follow-up reminders. It also provides assistance in writing better emails to get more responses.


It is a cool solution for any person handling sales. Intercom has made sure all the businesses associated with this company find the leads and retain their clients.

It is difficult to continue serving clients with growing demand. But Intercom has a specialized system that helps in using messenger or artificial intelligence (bots) to capture leads, send automatic email campaigns, track on-page activity. There are various kinds of plans available within the range of $49-$155 per month.


These are the best 15 tools that you should use to stay happy in your daily routine. Staying content is most important to succeed when you are on the sales team. Each of these tools will help you increase your effectiveness and higher engagement with clients.


Author: Ksenia Melnychenko

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