11 Things You Must Know to Succeed With Inside Sales

Many people in the marketing industry are not clear about inside sales techniques. To get a true insight into what is right and what’s not in the sales industry you must know certain tactics. Such information is not available anywhere easily as it comes with experience and knowledge. There are several repeated questions marketers have regarding sales and it is essential that you are clear on such things to have a perfectly successful marketing sales campaign.

Here are the most common things you should be known for the same:

1. What’s a good cadence for sending cold emails?

A good practice is to send ideally 8 emails which should be around 4 days apart. Even a period of 3 to 7 days is okay but not more or less. Test out sending emails according to the email marketing strategy in your company and then proceed according to which test proves to be the most successful. If there are also efforts going on regarding cold emails via social media platforms, keep in mind the gap of 4 days.Things You Must Know to Succeed With Inside Sales

2. Why send 8 emails to each prospect and not fewer?

Professionals and several says say that you’re bound to get at least 30% of the responses between the 5th and 8th email. Stopping at fewer email numbers means losing out on that much percentage of responses and client engagement. By sending this number of emails, there is persistence and diversity shown and this makes your sales prospecting efforts much better.

Things You Must Know to Succeed With Inside Sales



3. How can I send 8 emails without being reported as spam?

Spam by definition is not just frequent emails or contact attempts. If the messages you send have value to your prospects. If they have the same content or/and a similar feel they’ll feel like spam to the end person. Also, a simple straightforward message from you to “follow up” as such without any offer or value to the prospect is not going to do you any favors. Before sending out the emails, think about what could attract them and in what way and how to proceed. Having a list of the points your prospects could want and their feedback or inquiries is a great way to know the way to proceed

Things You Must Know to Succeed With Inside Sales

4. Why is it important to use an email tool when doing “cold emails” that utilizes mail merge instead of sending through something like MailChimp, Marketo or Aweber?

If your cold email efforts look like a direct conversation, it is not going to give back any results. If by sending out emails to a large number of prospects with the irrelevant matter, the prospects are not responding or even opening the emails, there is no one at fault except you. The prospect won’t feel the need to reply, call or contact in any way if the emails are irrelevant. If you’re using tools like MailChimp, Aweber, or Marketo, they’re good at sending out mass emails but to make them relevant to your user base, is up to you and that will drive your sales. Make sure they’re not sent from emails having the “do not reply” because that leaves a red flag on replying even If the prospects are interested.

Things You Must Know to Succeed With Inside Sales

5. Then, what is the best way to start a Cold Email?

Grabbing the reader’s attention is all a matter of a couple of seconds to make your impact. So the subject and first line have to be catchy enough to grab them from their state if mind to your motive.Things You Must Know to Succeed With Inside Sales

6. Should I be attaching hyperlinks in my cold email?

Links to provide white papers, offers, books are helpful but if anyone sees URLs before their interest is even peaked, it is not going to work out for the best interest of any party. Prospects often do not respond to emails having too many links that are not helpful or in general. Also, make sure that there is enough content and/or CTAs to encourage them to open your links whenever attached.Things You Must Know to Succeed With Inside Sales

7. Should my cold emails have HTML or plain text?

Having HTML in your emails is not a good idea. As the concept of cold emails is to connect one-on-one with a person to person, it is better to not add HTML content.

Things You Must Know to Succeed With Inside Sales

8. How can I prevent the risk of being blacklisted as a ‘spammer’?

As also mentioned earlier, do not send out emails to people who are not interested and learn the signs to know when a person is not interested. This is also covered in our blog, ‘11 Things to Start Doing with Your Email Marketing’. If there are people who can actually add value to your company based on your judgment, then proceed engaging. Reaching out to a thousand people and achieving 15 conversions is not something that works. Instead, select those 100 or 50 instead of a thousand to get those 15 conversions. If you’re reaching out to that large a number you’re bound to get reported more and therefore get your domain and ID blacklisted.

Things You Must Know to Succeed With Inside Sales

9. Capitalize on inbound leads:

The marketing team of your company drives people to your website in their own wonderful way. Getting prospects to do anything is a challenging task. If you’re getting inbound leads, be sure to follow up with them as when they take out time for showing any interest in things company has to offer is a gift no less. If this opportunity is wasted and the leads are not nurtured that is dumping all of the collective effort of the marketing team and yours down the drain. Be sure to follow up timely.

Things You Must Know to Succeed With Inside Sales

10. How to make CTAs strong and get the better response:

Your CTAs should ALWAYS have an offer or reward for the prospect to avail. To get their engagement you need to attract them with relevant emails. It can be something small of value to the potential customer so that they can engage further for the full deal or services offered based on their experience. It is essential they know that you value their time and are offering them services and being interested in them accordingly. Design CTAs in such a way it grabs attention but stays simple.

Things You Must Know to Succeed With Inside Sales

11. Why shouldn’t I open with “Dear Sir”, or “Dear Ma’am”:

Using a formal introduction style like ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Dear Ma’am’ is not something that looks apt in reaching out to new clients. It generally gives out the impression that a marketing person is behind it without the proper command of English. Try to use alternatives like you would talk to a person in front of you and such others.Things You Must Know to Succeed With Inside Sales


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