11 Must Read Sales Books

Sales are no child’s play. One must be properly aware of the trends, latest issues, and everything there is to learn in the area. Mastery in this field is not just the experience in terms of time in the industry. Like all other areas, mastery and in-depth knowledge come by reading books and we’re listing the must-reads in the field of marketing. We know reading is a great habit and you learn more than anything by reading something or the other daily. These books are chosen to show the various skills you can gather across the various areas in marketing and you do not even have to consult professionals or pay anyone for such valuable pieces of advice.

1. How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger:

Irrespective of what you’re selling, this book is going to appeal to you on a major level. This is essentially a story of the author and his struggles and wins and how he managed to rise from nothing to the successful person he is today. It includes the story of his financial stability story and how he managed everything in his life from a struggling salesperson’s point of view.

Why this book?

  • Source of inspiration in hard times
  • Helpful advice from a man who actually has experience
  • Teaches you what to do and what not in your career.11 Must Read Sales Books - AeroLeads


2. Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar:

If you are in the field of sales, this book is another must-read for a salesperson. Essentially it tells you everything you need to know and reform your closing strategy. A wide variety of topics involving the mentality and psychology factors, communicating with a prospect or when closing your deals are covered here. This book also brings out the techniques you need to develop relationships with the right people. It goes to the depth of things like citing the reasons why people may not be buying your product.

  • This book is the how-to guide to making your sales strategies work
  • Also has several points to be noted to develop the right relations with people
  • The keys to closing a deal and understanding your buyers’ needs are perfectly captured

11 Must Read Sales Books - AeroLeads

 3. Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness by Jeffrey Gitomer:

This book is as concise as it can be and manages to include the tips and solutions to sell better. This book is the perfect short and simple sales guide and you won’t even have to read hundreds of pages to learn everything the book is about. The pro to this book is it helps long term not just in your immediate career.

  • Short, concise book which answers your sales questions and tips
  • Only highlights included no long stories or facts

11 Must Read Sales Books - AeroLeads

4. To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel H. Pink:

The concept behind this book is that everyone is a salesperson selling something or the other in their professions. Irrespective of our field of work we are selling our services or products directly or indirectly through our skills. But as everyone does not know how to be one, the book elaborates on the concept by showing how to sell our products, services, and ideas.

  • Tips and tricks to sell your ideas and products
  • Broad approach marketing

11 Must Read Sales Books - AeroLeads

5. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie:

This is one of those classic reads that every field has. If you haven’t read already it’s high time you do and comes out from under the rock. This book provides valuable and timeless tricks on how to get people to like you and development of other interpersonal skills that are a swiss-knife equivalent for all the salespeople.

  • The book lays out simple rules and tricks to follow
  • Easy to understand and relatable stories

11 Must Read Sales Books - AeroLeads

6.  The Seven Levels of Communication: Go From Relationships to Referrals by Michael J. Maher:

This book is more like another bibliography-style that portrays wonderfully and inspires by telling the story of a real estate agent, Rick Masters who focusses on people instead of profits to be gained and number crunching. An excellent read for people for whom it is client-first

  • The book wonderfully brings out the importance of focusing on clients first and then profits in a professional advice manner
  • The story is really inspirational and is bound to captivate you and change your marketing style.

11 Must Read Sales Books - AeroLeads

7. How to Be a Power Connector: The 5+50+100 Rule for Turning Your Business Network into Profits by Judy Robinett:

This book focusses on the importance of maintaining a good network and is written around the philosophy, ‘Your network is your net worth’. This book shows how to turn your network into a profitable, running business. The importance a good connection with your peers, colleagues, clients and so on is portrayed to capture your attention and change you for the better.

  • This book is going to change you for the better and make you stand out with the new kind of personality you can implement thanks to this read.
  • The book focusses on the importance of networking.

11 Must Read Sales Books - AeroLeads


8. Smart Calling: Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling by Art Sobczak:

For the people involved in calling techniques like cold calling, this book is equivalent to a lost treasure. As the cold calling task is not one that’s easy, the book has big advice and tips to take your cold calling expertise to an entirely new level.

  • No other book is going to help you regarding the cold calling of this books as this is the zenith.
  • Takes you on a cold calling awareness and educational journey which boosts your skills.

11 Must Read Sales Books - AeroLeads

9. Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions by Keith Rosen:

This book acts as a coach to assist you in mentoring your sales team, quite literally. The perfect book to tell you about the various strategies and tips you could give your sales team to be highly productive.

  • The author’s one on one style makes it an information-saturated book
  • The books acts make you prepared to handle your team better and more prepared.

11 Must Read Sales Books - AeroLeads

10. The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy:

It is an amazing read for anyone who’s focused on the long-term strategy to boost your company’s success and not just the short-term goals and skills. This book will evolve you into a person who understands the process of selling on a psychological level and therefore better able to analyze situations and act accordingly.

  • The book has tips, tricks, advice, real-life examples to help you understand the process and sell faster and more.
  • Acts as the all-rounder information center to improve your skills

11 Must Read Sales Books - AeroLeads

11. How to Master the Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins:

The book teaches you to use modern selling methods like various tactics, techniques, and other modernized sales practices in addition to the traditional. Generating leads and making your practices efficient and fast is also this book about. This book will even tell you about several tools you can use to boost lead generation and sales.

  • Focusses on the modern techniques to boost your marketing skills as well as traditional and is a complete package
  • The books is a guide to help you understand how and what you’re doing wrong and nudges you to the right path.

11 Must Read Sales Books - AeroLeads

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