11 Apps to Help your Enterprise Organization Scale Social Media

Many organizations depend on a range of software tools for their social media marketing management. It is no longer necessary to use a uniform social media management across the organization. There are now options for tools and apps that allow seamless integration of tools across the company. Unlike the old times, this leads to better productivity, freedom, and comfort across different teams.

The benefit lies basically in the variety and eases to use such apps and tools across your enterprise organization. Such efforts and apps make everyone’s work performance and life better even though it is a little bit at a time. Even though there are several benefits to a uniform tool for social media management, such an approach has its own sense of freedom and other benefits. Let’s have a look at such apps that help in this:


This app is a great tool for handling and managing your Twitter feed. A great scheduling feature lets you forget about the posting hassles completely. By choosing to update at regular intervals, days or as required this app eliminates the need to constantly go and update on the social media platform. Just write the content at one suitable time and then onwards leave it in Buffer to manage the rest. This app has several other features also which enable image content creation as well as sharing any articles or links you might like.

  • Price:

    Available for free on both iOS and Android per social media account. The paid version titled as ‘Awesome version’ is 10$ per month with Pinterest support as well as other features.Apps to Help your Enterprise Organization Scale Social Media


Analytics are important in every field nowadays. The same is essential for social media management. Using social media analytics to track your content engagement and what works best and what doesn’t is the latest trend. But a platform to manage it all across social media platforms? That is where Hootsuite is the lifesaver. Apart from basic analytics tools, it also offers powerful team analytics capabilities. By providing comprehensive analytics insights. HootSuite also offers exceptional team collaboration features for the entire team to share the workspace to upload content repetitively.

  • Price:

    Three accounts can share it for free with basic features and scheduling features. Professional plan is offered at 19$ for 10 members per month and other paid features.Apps to Help your Enterprise Organization Scale Social Media

Sprout Social:

Social media customer support is cumbersome if not handled properly. Every platform has its own different notification center and one cannot differentiate between support queries and other questions. Sprout social help in eliminating this problem by bringing all social media updates and queries to one platform and helps in window hopping to catch up with all the updates. By even allowing messages to be filtered it helps in management and distribution of queries to the proper team members.

  • Price: The app is available for 99$ per month per user allowing up to ten accounts and pro features.

Apps to Help your Enterprise Organization Scale Social Media


This app is essentially for delegating access to certain accounts. This app lets you manage access and the various levels of security you can enforce across different accounts. Giving the same access to all the people gives rise to security risks and other issues and this app manages this very problem. EveryPost fixes this by organizing user groups and giving different levels of access to the social media accounts as required by the admin.

  • Price:

    It is available for free for one account up to ten scheduled posts. Then onwards it is available for 9.99$ per month for its Pro Plan and a shared pro plan for 25.99$ up to five team members.Apps to Help your Enterprise Organization Scale Social Media


This tool is a great way to increase social media impression in front of followers. With it auto-follow features for Twitter and other platforms, it helps establish new connections easily and effortlessly. Scheduling is another feature integrated into it for WordPress and even Tumblr.

  • Price:

    It is available for free for a certain number of accounts and there are different paid plans for other platforms.


Apps to Help your Enterprise Organization Scale Social Media

Zoho Social:

Zoho is a social app for smart scheduling for your social media platforms. It analyzes your followers’ feeds, timings and geolocation and schedules post and updates smartly as per the best timings to do so. It also integrates with the Zoho CRM and you can even generate leads and manage your CRM.

  • Price:

    Free for one user for basic features and for full features, it is up to 10$ per month for the more advanced features mentioned.Scheduling a status update in Zoho Social


This is a tool meant only for Pinterest and Instagram. Like Zoho, this tool does a smart analysis of user feed and lets you know what would be the best scheduling options. You can use this scheduling to maximize engagement from your audience base. In addition to scheduling, you can use its powerful analytics to keep track of audience engagements across the social media platforms.

  • Price:

    It is available at 9.99$ per month for unlimited access to its various services.Apps to Help your Enterprise Organization Scale Social Media


Sendible is essentially a lead generation/social media platform that focused on finding leads and adding them to your CRM as well. Just set the parameters and it finds leads on social media platforms and adds them to the CRM.

  • Price:

    It is available at 199$ per month for the full plan up to four team members and 49$ per month for one user.

Apps to Help your Enterprise Organization Scale Social Media


MeetEdgar manages your scheduling by a different approach. It helps schedule posts based on the category provided. Using its calendar type scheduling interface is a great and easy to use the feature.

  • Price:

    It is available for 49$ per month up to 1000 scheduled posts and up to 25 social accounts.

Apps to Help your Enterprise Organization Scale Social Media


MavSocial is your go-to tool for finding licensed images for your posts to make them truly stand out. It has a built-in system to purchase these images and add company content as well. Apart from this, MavSocial also has all the social media management features like scheduling and monitoring across social media platforms.

  • Price:

    It is free for one user to two social accounts and paid plans start at 19$ per month- one account, ten profiles and up to 1000 posts.Apps to Help your Enterprise Organization Scale Social Media


This app is your all in one enterprise solution by smart analysis and scheduling of your posts for social media platforms. Link your accounts and fill in the content to be posted and it’ll do the rest by monitoring and be analyzing.

  • Price:

    Custom pricing is available based on the number of accounts connected.

Apps to Help your Enterprise Organization Scale Social Media

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