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If you have just recently launched your startup, then you’re probably working yourself out, worrying over its furtherance, marketing, promotions, so on and so forth. To break it down in the simple terms, you are basically trying to make your startup reach the masses. 

And obviously, since you have just begun to sprout, its likely that you have to be extra mindful of not wasting your funds on expensive, not to say, superfluous promotional strategies.

Meanwhile, in all likelihood, you are already day-dreaming about first 100 customers for your startup. Don’t you?

So, keeping your cash-strapped state of affairs in mind, what have you done so far? 

Content Marketing? Check 

SEO? Check 

Cold Calling? Check 

Built a referrals chain? Check 

Social Media Marketing? Check 

Email Marketing? Check 

It seems you are way ahead of time. But wait… Aren’t you forgetting something essential? As in life-and-death essential for a startup? 

Have you submitted your startup to startup directories and review sites yet? Ring a bell?

If you are guilty of overlooking this indispensable task then you are at the right place and hopefully, at the right time. 

However, before moving further, here’s a word of warning. 

STEER CLEAR OF BAD NEIGHBOURHOOD. And DO NOT submit your startup to shady looking submission sites. 

What Is Bad Neighbourhood? 

Now, when I said bad neighbourhood, what came to your mind? 

Rundown streets? Crappy, ramshackle and high-crime areas? Yes, this is exactly what it is in the real world. 

Analogous to the real world, a virtual bad neighbourhood is nothing to write home about. In fact, if you are by mistake sandwiched in a virtual bad neighbourhood, might as well say goodbye to building your authority and high rank in the search engine. 

Even Google is actively abandoning the submission sites having Bad Neighbourhoods and completely devaluing the links coming from such neighbourhoods. 

If you are linked with, say Wikipedia, then Google automatically knows that you’re probably a credible website too. However, if you are linked to a spammy directory then Google is likely to punish you with really bad rankings. 

Here’s What A Virtual Bad Neighbourhood Looks Like

1. Negative PPC: In SEO world PPC stands for “pills, porn and casinos”. Take a look around the page and if you see any of these three occur, then get out fast. This is the neighbourhood you don’t want to be associated with.

2.  Too Many Links: To identify whether the page has too many links, follow the 90/10 phenomena. The page shouldn’t be 90% links and only 10% of the organic content. 

3.  Spam: Sometimes, the site might not be inflicted by either bad links or too many links. However, there are still chances of the page having spammy content. It means the page isn’t being moderated regularly — a sure indication of bad links. 

4. Ads: Ads are a commonplace on many websites, however, when the ads outweigh the content, that’s where the problem occurs. If you come across such submission sites then you know what you need to do next — run away fast and find better options.

bad-neighbourhood submission sites

Now you know exactly what you need to be wary of. 

However, despite some “Bad-Neighbourhood” submission sites, there is an abundance of incredible submission sites as well. By submitting to these submission sites and directories, you will be able to get massive traffic and some much-needed SEO juice. 

All The Information That You Need For These Submission Sites

While these things might not necessarily be a prerequisite, however, if you have them it might come in handy. 

  • Product name and website’s URL 
  • Company Logo 
  • Location 
  • Number of Employees in your company 
  • Clear, comprehensible images 
  • The year your Startup was found
  • Who are/is the founder(s)?
  • A brief description aptly describing your startup 
  • A long description disseminating everything from your brand to your work culture. 
  • Social Media Handles 
  • What makes your startup different 
  • Who is your niche audience and what problem does your startup solve 
  • How did you acquire funds for your startup 

So, we rummaged through the web to search for 100 reliable and relevant directories and submission sites for you.

Let’s get started and open the pandora box. 


1. StackShare

stackshare submission sites


2. StartupWorld 

Startup World is a front-runner when it comes to helping startups market their product or service. Moreover, you won’t even have to spend a dime to list your company 



startup booster

It is a blog that is actively helping emerging startups to navigate through umpteen marketing opportunities by providing a platform for entrepreneurs to share their startup stories. This might eventually result in heavy traffic.

4. Reddit Entrepreneurs

It is an active community that discusses startups and technology on the daily basis.

5. YCombinator 

Since its inception, in March 2005, YCombinator has been helping the startups to grow by providing credible seed accelerating services. 

6. GeekWire 


7. Product Hunt 

Product hunt lets their users share and discover new products in the market. What adds to its appeal is the fact that it surfaces the best new products, every day. 

You can leverage its popularity and brand value by submitting your startup which might ensue massive traction. 

8. alternativeTO 

9. F6S


10. BoingBoing  

11. VB Profiles 

VB profile provides exceptional opportunities to tap into an immense marketing world. Do you want to get notified with daily memos and ebooks imparting knowledge about your industry? Or are you interested in finding the newest companies, best candidates and inventors in your market? If yes, then VB profiles is your absolute go-to place. 

12. All My Faves

13. Inc42

Inc42 is an acclaimed Indian media and information platform which is known for its end-to-end coverage of the Indian startup ecosystem. 

14. IdeasSquares

15. Wamda


Latest Tech and Startup news in Asia Pacific.

17. SnapMunk


18. Startup Stash 

A curated directory of resources & tools to help you build your Startup. 

19. Tech Faster 

20. Robingood

21. CloudBook 

cloud book

22. Startup Ranking     

Startup ranking is a credible platform which discovers, ranks and prospects startups worldwide. 

23. Web App Rater 

24. Idea Hunt


Idea Hunt has so far helped over 1,000 companies collect and validate 10,000 ideas from 23,000 users. 

25. Mobilzed 

Mobilzed has proven to be vastly impactful for the growth of many startups. They not only get you discovered but also drives awareness about your product or services to the right people. 

26. Startup88 

27. StartupDope

They cover interesting news, information and resources regarding technology and startups and their product or services. 

28. Maqtoob 

Discover only the best and handpicked business tools with Maqtoob. 

29. Random Startup 

Random Startup is a go-to place if you want to know about every nook and cranny of the industrial world. 

30. Tech Map 

Tech Map is one of the most incredible submission sites for bringing the Tech Community together. They let the users find tech companies, startups and tech professionals. Furthermore, it provides updated information about tech events in your city. 

31. Geekopedia 

32. Just Gone Live 

33. FireSpotting

34. coolstartupbro

35. TechGreet features a wide array of information about new technology products and startups to a massive audience. So, submit your startup today for absolutely free promotion. 

36. Side Projects 

37. Side Projectors

38. Next Big Product 

If you have built a great product and want people to know about it, then this is the place for you. Get unbiased product review and wide promotion by submitting your startup on Next Big Product. 

39. BreakPoint 

40. Appoid

Appoid reviews your app and share your experiences with a humongous audience. Their reviews can turn out to be extremely helpful to your developer team and not to say, your startup will get the desired awareness. 

41. Startup Inspire 

42. Trendy Startups 

Their catchphrase says it all “A community for markers, early adopters and bloggers

43. FeedMyStartup

List your startup with FeedMyStartup and get free reviews for your product and services. 

44. Startup Benchmarks 

Measure your startup’s performance with Startup Benchmarks in few easy steps. 

45. Rate Startup 

Submit your startup today and get rated on the basis of your product, design, idea, functionalities, so on and so forth. 

46. Reviano 

Reviano features Business Software reviews and allows startups to submit their app for free. Moreover, they carry out extra coverage for startups and allow their users to submit their reviews. 

47. Formstack 

A reliable solution to manage information across your entire organisation. 

48. AppRater


Get discovered by your prospects by submitting your startup Really-Awesome. 

50. AdHipster 

Make a free ad with AdHipster and get the people to share your ad for free while you share theirs in return. 

51. All Startups 

All Startups showcases startups from all over the world which makes it one of the best place to discover the newest startups daily. 

52. Beterest 

Beterest lets people discover the latest startups from across the web so that they can gain access to successful startups. 

53. Launched 

It is a community where entrepreneurs can showcase their startup, product or services and gets relevant and completely unbiased feedback from early adopters. 


54. Software Advice 

55. Capterra 

Capterra provides an unprecedented opportunity to acquire high quality and productive web traffic from leading online destinations for business software. 

56. Trust Radius 

They provide in-depth and insightful reviews from real users and visitors. 

 57. G2 Crowd 

They have over 457,400+ validated user reviews to help you make smarter decisions. 

58. GetApp 

59. Discover Cloud 

It is a leading marketplace for B2B SaaS and submitting your startup with them can result in the constant flow of high-quality, productive prospects. And the best part? It is absolutely free. 

60. Startup Resources  

A handpicked list of the best startup tools. 

61. Start HQ 


62. CSS Mania 

Advertise your startup and boost your traffic with CSS Mania.

63. User Input 

64. All Top Startups 

65. Usability Hub 

66. StartUpLift 

67. StartupsFM 

68. Launch Lister 

Get your startup out in from of early adopters and industry leader with packages starting from $39. 

69. Operations 6 Fig 

70. Discova 

Discova was created with one purpose in mind, that is to allow people to engage with millions of startups created each year. 

71.  Erli Bird

erli bird

Erli Bird can provide incredible value to your brand. It is a fantastic platform to incur insightful feedbacks on issues ranging from business modelling to pricing. 

They are powered by a global community of 100,000 real-world testers. And if you plan to target early adopters to beta test your product for platforms like iOS, Android etc, be prepared to spend somewhere around $149. However, the genuine and helpful customer reviews will be well worth the initial investment. 

72. BetaPage 


73. App Advice 

The ideal source on the web for people looking to discover iOS apps. 

74. Apps 400  

They mainly focus on Web 2.0 apps, iPhone Apps, Android Apps and Facebook Apps. 

75. State Of Tech 

76. Apps Mirror 

Their website visitors are the potential buyer of iPhone/iPad/Android apps so once you submit your app with them, you can expect massive productive leads coming your way. 

77. AppsNow 

Submit your app to get unbiased, productive and helpful reviews which might result in heavy traction as well. 

78. Apps Listo 

79. Apps Thunder 

80. Apps Mamma 

SaaS Startup Directories 

81. Cnet 

82. GetApp 

83. Postscapes 

84. CloudShowPlace 



87. SaaS Genius 

88. CrozDesk 


89. /r/Startups 

90. /r/SmallBusinesses 

91. /r/coupons

92. /r/DesignCritiques 

93. /r/SideProject 

94. /r/ShamelessPlus 

95. /r/Alpha and Beta users 

95. /r/LadyBusiness 

96. /r/IndieBiz 

97. /r/RoastMyStartup 

98. /r/Entrepreneur 

99. /r/MadeThis 

100. /r/OpenDirectories 

So, these were some incredible review and submission sites and directories that can do wonders for your startup. Check them out and submit your startup today. 

Not satisfied yet? 

Did we miss something?

Then check another list that we curated some time ago. 

100 more remarkable websites to submit your startup. 

Apart from this, if you have more suggestions then let us know in the comments below. 

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