Top 10 Tools to Increase Your Business Reach

Starting any business is surely tough but maintaining its brand value and growing the consumer base by reaching more and more leads is even tougher than that. In order to get your business amplified, one just doesn’t need to work hard, but in addition, one must work smart.

While most new businesses tend to attract customers with the simple tricks of blog writing, Ad. posting etc. But don’t realize that we are in the 21st century and with the constant evolution in technological sector and growth in internet marketing, there are much more advanced tactics that though require more dedication, yields stupendous returns.

Many awesome tools are available on the web, to help you in your mission to expand the reach of your business. We in this article are going to list out 10 of the highly recommended tools that you may use to increase your sales.


Aeroleads is a Data mining tool which helps you get the best prospects or leads in Google, Yahoo Local, LinkedIn, CrunchBase etc. for your business. Add the AeroLeads extension to your Google Chrome and enjoy its awesome prospect generation service which gives you a processed list of all the best leads for your firm against your requirements. AeroLeads has been rated as one of the fastest lead generation tools among all and sports a superb 5 out of 5-star rating on Capterra and G2Crowd.



AeroLeads provides you with verified emails, phones numbers, title, company names and other details of your prospects.

Delivers you with the best leads list within 24-48 hours of you filling in your requirements.

Perfect plans with affordable pricing to avail the best services.

Customizable plans are also available to help you get everything that you desire at the best price.

Delivers powerful results being in integration with Salesforce, MailChimp, Pipedrive, Zapier, HubSpot, Insightly.

Its database has millions of records to help you find the perfect leads.

IBM, Jubilant Foodworks, Cadfem, Caliber consulting are some of its notable clients.


Throughout the day numerous potential leads visit your business site but a majority of them leave without providing any contact information. Leadfeeder here is a next-gen cloud-based tool which uses Google Analytics and gets integrated with your CRM to deliver the details of the companies that visit your site and who are perfect leads. Thus it is one of the best and must have a lead generation tool for all B2B companies.

10 Tools to Increase Your Business Reach


Free 14 day trial of the premium version.

Instant installing and no script needed.

Gets integrated smartly with your CRM, MailChimp, Zoho, Pipedrive and other tools.

Provides the list of companies visiting your site with contact information.

Customise your email alerts and get details about the top leads delivered to you through the mail for instant access.

Per page visit details so that you know what your prospected leads are interested in.

Cision, Framery, Capacent, LMCS are few of its renowned clients.


Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are two of the biggest technological concept of this century. Growbots is a tool hugely effective for your sales team to go on with their outbound sales process. The tool uses the two above mentioned concepts to its benefits and thus automatically generates the best contact details available in the market of your new potential leads, with whom you can then easily make strong work relations.



It’s unique AI algorithm generates the perfect list of leads with details within minutes.

Each team member of yours can automate email campaigns and create personalized messages.

Integrates with your CRM data to optimize your campaign results.

Growbots 10 person customer success team works with you so that you get the best results.

Gusto, Flexport and Get response are some of their happy customers.


Salesforce is undoubtedly the most used lead generation tool today which uses cloud computing as well as artificial intelligence to deliver you with the best leads for your company. With Salesforce you can connect with your customers much more effectively and conveniently, thus making long-lasting and satisfactory relations.



Being a cloud-based software you don’t need IT experts to set it up or manage it.

Keeps track of everything from sales leads to support tickets and channel marketing to your website’s analytics.

Helps you to identify the perfect leads and convert them into long-term partners.

With it, you can react to customers problems faster and helps you interact 1-1 with your customers on social, mobile etc.

Availability on Android, iOS, and pc makes it easy to monitor your business anytime from anywhere.

Changi, Maserati, L’oreal are some of its most known customers.

Google Keyword Planner

One of the most effective ways to increase your business reach is to appear on top of Google searches related to your area of operation. To do this, Google offers a free keyword tool which you can use all throughout your blogs, pages, and product descriptions which in turn helps your company rank higher in Google search results which is indeed a very beneficial and huge achievement to have.


Know what most of your potential leads are searching for.

Get listed on top and noticed by most of the companies whom you can translate to your long-term business partners.

Bid for the most searched keywords and look at the changing trends to be more active.

Make your campaigns hugely successful with perfect keywords.


Build yourself the most effective campaign possible with a B2B tool, HubSpot, which monitors the overall process of your campaign. This way the tool helps you analyze and find the areas where your customers are most interested in and also the weak spots of your campaign where you lose most of your leads. This may be due to a wrong used strategy which you can perfect the best time around.



HubSpot offers a complete stack of software with a free CRM which when used together delivers the best results.

Get benefit from HubSpot inbound community, more than 150 groups and HubSpot Academy.

Full detailed analysis report from start to finish to build a more impactful campaign.

Some of its most noted clients include Usabilla, Shopify, Scrive, and others.


Save yourself from the tiring process of searching leads on LinkedIn, by going through for thousands of user profiles, sending invites to them, manually filling customer data and tagging them all. Do this using the fabulous lead generation tool named DuxSoup. The tool automates your profile visits and also help you get spreadsheets with all your data, your CRM, messages, and notes that you make about probable leads and share it with your team in few clicks.

10 Tools to Increase Your Business Reach


Saves your time of visiting multiple profiles one by one and selecting leads.

Starter edition of DuxSoup is available for free and the professional edition is way cheaper than other lead generating tools.

Easy sharing of gathered data with your team members.


The first thing you should care about is making a mind-blowing proposal.

This is where Proposify comes in.

Proposify helps in creating the best proposals and handles everything until the deal gets sealed.

It gives your team experience and not to say, will save them from the tedious task of preparing and managing proposals.



Being a cloud-based tool one can view proposals anytime and anywhere.

Allows digital signature which makes the whole process much faster.

Easily customize the look of the proposals or use a pre-designed template.

Attract customers and close deals with the best in class proposals.

Know what your clients are most interested in with its effective tracking.

Reaching the right leads, engaging them and then converting them into your B2B partners are the most important parts of any business to sustain. This can only happen if you work smarter and effectively. Use the above tools to pamper yourself with the best results and increase your business reach (B2B).

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