10 Sample Lead Generation Forms

The main purpose of lead generation form aims at storing personal data that can be later made efficient use to nurture the marketing aspect. Here are the best lead generation forms leading your way to broaden the angle of your digital market.

Why is lead generation form used?

Mostly, they are used for conversion. The tactics that are used for the purpose of designing make them a generation form very high converting.

They take care of all the business stretching from B2B to various other platforms. It is the best medium for all the basic runs to nurture their leads and design the process of marketing.

1. AeroLeads

It is one of the most prominent and prospect generation serving all the purpose for the cloud-based intelligence in many B2B industries.

Aeroleads plays a major role in pulling out the sales leads information from various social networks like Github, LinkedIn, CrunchBase, etc. The system is preoccupied with phone numbers, email address, and social media profile that are particularly tagged with an individual.

Aeroleads also performs the necessary strategic integrations that are required like Zapier, Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.

10 Sample Lead Generation Forms - AeroLeads

2. Salesforce

There are basically two primary things that Salesforce uses in their lead generation forms. They are:

  • Contradicting common objects and insisting trust signals. These include various statements that are shown in the illustration below.

 10 Sample Lead Generation Forms - AeroLeads

  • Making use of your social media profile to go through a free trial. This is a common procedure to follow but a smart approach in the field of generation forms as the data reaches them anyway even if the form is not filled.

3. Leadfeeder

The lead generation form for Leadfeeder is yet another straight, predictable and very finely designed giving the procedure of collecting the data about the leads by making use of the same forms. It tracks the traffic in order to catch up with the potential leads of the business firms.

10 Sample Lead Generation Forms - AeroLeads

The tone that the form uses is another feature to choose this simple and sleek form. Also to talk about the integrations that it manages with the Google Analytics and LinkedIn, connect the call actions and progress bar it has to offer.

4. SalesLoft

We all know that email acts as a very primary mode in a customer’s process of attainment. This is how SalesLoft helps with personalizing the communication of the sales. They have also put forward the concept of human connection.

10 Sample Lead Generation Forms - AeroLeads

The cloud engagement process for one to go through runs very smoothly and flexible with the help of the workflow that is about to proceed along with the providers of data.

5. SingleGrain

SinleGrain also comes with one or two allurements to offer to the users on the other end. The unique thing that it comes up with is the shudder call to action which happens almost every three seconds or so.

10 Sample Lead Generation Forms - AeroLeads


Not only is this a smart way to attract a lot of attention but also helps in well specified and well crafted modified caption.

6. Pardot

 The lead gen forms here primarily stretch on the fact and is designed to handle business-to-business sales and marketing automation at all times. The various features of lead management, batch email, etc are some of the products with functionalities.

10 Sample Lead Generation Forms - AeroLeads

The other important decisions that are associated with the B2B sales are also monitored with the same aspect.

 7. PipeTop

PipeTop serves the best insurance lead generation B2B forms of all times. The facility that comes alongside is that all the contacts and target ideal companies are available at the same place. It also provides instant decision makers along with their contact details. It is often called an autopilot in the field of the sales pipeline.

10 Sample Lead Generation Forms - AeroLeads

8. HubSpot

The main catch about this B2B lead generation form is the “How-To” headline which helps the readers to gain valuable and important knowledge so as to how to claim all the offers that are available on the landing page for further inspection.

HubSpot is also embedded with free offers which make it quite difficult for people to say it a No.

10 Sample Lead Generation Forms - AeroLeads

The impact of the offer is clearly visible all through the page. The form is already pre-populated, thus making the completion quite easy by discarding the pain of filling out all the fields.

9. Infusionsoft

The remarkable thing worth appreciating about this lead generation form is its unique approach, which brings forth the automation of the company’s marketing sequence in order to give them a vision for the email marketing system. The marketing solution helps the business to add new subscribers.

10 Sample Lead Generation Forms - AeroLeads

The process of explanation about what is coming your way is easy and hassle-free as everyone can have a clear picture of the form after and before conversion. Also, the free sign-ups are just a bonus.

10. Rapportive

In simple words, Rapportive works just like an email add-on that displays all the data and information related to an individual’s contact that is enlisted in the inbox of the user.

The main reason for this lead gen form to top the charts is its ability to show the details of the contacts right inside your inbox.

10 Sample Lead Generation Forms - AeroLeads


Here are the best ten samples to make your pick from. It is sometimes a good idea to take chances by looking at the brighter side of the picture.

These lead generation forms call out the valuable readers and viewers to claim their rightful spot. The contracting purpose, hence, gets more enhanced by the usage of these forms.

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