10 Must Have Email Management Tools

Having a lot of emails in your inbox and not enough resources or people to monitor? Well, that’s where email management tools come in. Email management tools help in sorting out your client’s queries and responding to important emails. As an engaging company, there are bound to be thousands of messages every day or month to address.

The most popular and useful email management tools:


Front is the collaborative inbox that keeps all your emails, apps, and teammates in one place. It’s an email management tool used by all sorts of teams: support, client services, success, marketing, engineering, HR, operations, and more. This tool also allows you to view messages from all your communication channels: SMS texts, live chats, social media and even voice messages.

Another big plus of this tool is that it runs on your CRM tools, management tools and other various supported tools. The pricing is also attractive for Front as it offers the unified inbox service for 19$. The premium and enterprise plans start at 20$/40$.

Front App


This is also a great integration tool for email management. Shift is also very convenient to use and makes use of several well-known tools for integrating. You can access WhatsApp, Grammarly and all kinds of other useful tools used at your company. Its search function is also very good and lets you get to your conversations and searches fast. Switching between various apps and tools is also easy thanks to this tool.


This tool is mainly an unsubscribing tool and is free of cost. Unsubscribing can be a tiresome task when you’re subscribed to so many newsletters. Doing that manually is not feasible. This tool is great at unsubscribing from emails you no longer read or just consider spam. You can even unsubscribe from everything you get all at once or choose manually and proceed.


This is a reminder based tool to help you see which clients to follow up on. This works both ways, for clients as well. Following up is something that cannot be taken for granted and is a must activity in today’s age. This is a great tool to help you set reminders for prospects you want to follow up on for sure. It is pretty easy to use as well. It supports all the email domains out there and is free till 50 follow up alerts in a month.

Premium features like getting more follow up numbers and calendar integration are available as well. The premium plan costs 2$ to 9$ as the monthly rate.


AKA If This Then That is a connectivity app. It helps you use statements to trigger actions between devices. It also uses its automation based capabilities for managing your email inbox in the following ways. You can set triggers and alerts for specific alerts you may want to be notified about. Here are a few examples:
Getting text messages when a specific person(s) send you an email.
Using DropBox to include email attachments
Use Evernote to save starred/flagged emails.
Tracking the number of hours you work by enabling data entry into Google Sheets every time you leave or enter your work.

The possibilities are endless and it is up to you and the tool to see what all can be done.

Google Inbox:

Gmail is one of the most used email providers. Google’s Gmail has been used by a very large variety of people and continues to have a major liking. Google decided to use Gmail data to develop a new service- Inbox. It works separately from Gmail as a stand-alone tool. The main task for this tool is to view all emails as a task to complete. So, whenever you get an email you can see it and assign a to-do task to it. Same goes for location-based events. The tool would remind you about it after reaching that location.

Another feature is to snooze emails if you don’t think you can respond to or see an email. As a result, it will show you the alert when you want it. It is free of cost and available on iOS and Android stores. Installing it on your smartphone is necessary to use it on the desktop. Moreover, some aspects of this tool can be seen in Android and Google-powered smartphones today inbuilt. You could be leaving work and you get a reminder about what’s on the agenda for the next day as per the emails you receive. Or, you could get your reminders about shopping wishlist and so much more. It all depends on what can be done on the smartphone and what is mentioned in your emails.

Gmail ‘Special Stars’:

Maintaining a no new mails inbox can be a bit tough. It is not exactly an add-on, but a way of using your Gmail inbox. Gmail does automatically assign your email to some labels. But, Special Stars is a separate feature and uses Gmail’s lists features as well as Special Stars. Additionally, special stars are not supported on mobile platforms. You wouldn’t see any special list on a mobile platform.


SaneBox is an automation tool that helps in sorting and assigning priorities to various emails. It segregates new incoming emails into different folders. By creating two folders- SaneLater and SaneNews, it assigns different priorities to emails. The tool assesses how important an email is after getting it in the inbox. It uses your behaviour as a reminder of what it should be doing in the future with your emails.

As is analyzes your email, it keeps the important ones in the main inbox. The rest go in either of the two Sane folders created. It has different folders which serve different functions. SaneBox even has an unsubscribe dedicated folder. All its assessments depend on how you normally use tour email. Another great feature it has is to send all email attachments to an assigned Dropbox folder.

The Email Game:

This is a tool designed for Gmail and Google apps that makes a game out of clearing the inbox. A tool like this can help in reducing excess and useless emails you think you might read later. All it takes to begin with the game is entering the email credentials.

The tool/games let you see your emails and gives you 5 seconds to decide for each. You can reply to it, archive, delete or ignore it. There is one more action called boomerang which lets you archive the mail temporarily only to return it to the main inbox later on. Moreover, in the reply option by default, you have 3 minutes to reply. You can customize and change the time for this. As a game, it gives you certain points for each action taken. Overall, it is a very fun way to clear out your email rather.


MailBird is a great windows based tool that integrates your apps and emails. It brings all of your social media, calendar, tasks, messaging apps in one place. Having different layouts and colours, it is a great tool to help you stay in sync with all your apps and not opening them differently. MailBird also offers the option of adding more different tools like Google Calendar as an example. It works on both PC and mobile platforms.

MailBird has a lite and premium function. It is quite affordable as well and the premium version is worth it. It has a price tag of 1$ per month or 45$ for lifetime access.
You can use your email and social apps like WhatsApp simultaneously with MailBird. It is a cool tool for people who like to multitask. Having so many tools at your disposal all in one place and a great platform to support it is all thanks to this great tool. You could be chatting on WhatsApp or calling someone with Skype or use Meeting rooms software for video conferencing as well. All this in one place!

There are so many tools in the market and it’s hard to pick one and stick with it. We don’t often come to know what we want till we see it in the market. Marketing and IT industries are constantly rolling out new tools for such needs. That’s the power of the marketing world. Email tools are essential for any business to run properly and have a structured platform to respond to customers. The above-mentioned tools handle both your internal and external communications that are essential in running a successful business. Clients and more leads come to those places where they feel respected and have value for money.
But these things come later, the first step to getting more clients and establishing a relationship with existing ones is to follow up properly. Use your email marketing strategy to plot out your marketing strategy and use these tools to amplify your reach.

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  1. Shift is one of the best email management tools I used

    • Pushkar Gaikwad on June 10, 2019 at 2:53 pm said:

      Just saw the comment. Shift is actually a pretty good tool though GMail interface is flooded with such tools. I hope more companies build native tools/plugins for Thunderbird/Outlook/Mac Mail etc. Also maybe someone can just build an email marketing/management software from the ground up.

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