10 Effective Marketing Tips for Tech Startups

Marketing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. But when it comes to tech companies, they also have to sell something to market. Even though IT companies tend to have a lot more technical people than marketing, each startup and company needs their own marketing team. In the face of increased competition for attention on digital channels, tech startups can struggle to reach the right decision makers on the right channels to increase their sales funnel. Look at some effective strategies and tools that have the most potential to engage decision makers:

1. Social Media Presence:

Having an online presence on certain professional and social media networks is a must for a startup to be noticeable. Social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora have a large professional network built up which lets people get in touch with startups and other companies. LinkedIn and Quora especially have to have your social media presence noted big time.

Marketing Tips for Tech Startups -Aeroleads

  • Quora: Answering queries about your products and services on Quora can show that the company is active and reliable. Moreover, answering questions about your company, product or service help in building the company image. At a startup stage this is really necessary as people need to know about the company before they spend anything.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a platform for professionals and joining in discussion about your company can help in establishing a professional presence here. Use LinkedIn groups, discussions to control and kick start discussions about your product or service. This can also help in bringing your name to the attention of big corporations.
  • Facebook: Facebook is the largest social media platform present today. With a size this large, it also has innumerable options to help you generate leads and establish a strong social presence. People often end up on Facebook profile pages for companies rather than any other social media. Therefore, it is a great idea to build your company’s presence on Facebook primarily.
  • Twitter: Twitter is another social media platform where people post and check way too frequently. Because of this use, twitter is a good place to give short term updates regarding company and any deals or events.

2. Partnering with non-competing companies:

Collaborating with multiple non-competing companies can be a win-win situation for everyone. This way companies can cross promote each other and build a healthy relationship that benefits all companies and all customers. This is a great way to open your doors to new kinds of prospects and that too a large number.Marketing Tips for Tech Startups -Aeroleads

3. Educating your customers:

If your customers know more about a subject or a service, they are bound to at least consider using or buying it. Use your whitepapers, e-books, video content and so on to educate them about several uses of your products or any background knowledge. This isn’t a place to start your sales pitch but to educate and shape the opinion of your prospects. It’s not necessary that every prospect has to convert.Effective Marketing Tips for Tech Startups -aeroleads

Use animated explainer videos to teach customers about your product or service. This has to be done in plain understandable English and not the technical way. IT companies can leverage this strategy to convey what their product is about and how it is useful. Rather than a sales pitch, it acts more of an animated explainer and tutorial. Create Youtube channel and share videos about your products that help your audience to understand your products in a better and simplest way.

4. Using stories to connect with the audience:

Much like any other company, storytelling to connect with the audience is an essential part of delivering content. Use your content section to also deliver customer success stories in the form of case studies. This help by bringing in more people as they are more likely to trust such case studies in the form of stories.

Effective Marketing Tips for Tech Startups

Using stories in the form of testimonials or how a particular company used your product can help build a brand image. This conveys the story as well as pushes the concept of having the product or service in the audience’s mind.

5. Influencer Marketing: 

Effective Marketing Tips for Tech Startups - aeroleads

Reaching out to people having a large online presence can prove really beneficial for your startup. Influencers can really help in spreading word about your company on any platform desirable. Additionally, such influencers are open to the idea of spreading word about any organizations in  the interest of mutual benefit. Give away products to them to display on their portfolio and this way they can spread word about your products and you’ll get people looking to your pages for the same. Reach out to people in the same niche as you and this way you get advertising as well as a collaboration partner for your business. This really helps companies grow because of the large social media presence.

6. Building trust with your customers:

Customer trust is one of the most important things you have to achieve as a startup. Use your content delivery to regularly notify of important updates, tutorials and. Email marketing and social media marketing can help you connect with your audience regularly, and even personally which is important for the customer to start trusting the company.

Effective Marketing Tips for Tech Startups

7. Start a blog:

Blogging generates traffic and bring the company name out into the public. As a startup this is essential for you to follow as many people read blogs. Blogging can be about anything the company is interested in, their products and services or anything that brings out the company in the public eye. Use properly optimized content with a great SEO score and using relevant keywords to rank better in search engine results. Search engine marketing can help your company grow really well if you use proper content.

Effective Marketing Tips for Tech Startups

8. Provide free Subscription:

Providing free subscription for your products will attract prospects to use it without paying anything for a limited time. It’s is a good way to generate interest. Use a watered down version of your software or give trial service or products to help people build interest in your company. This is also a great way to collect lead information. Later you can use this info to share useful information with your prospects. This way even though there may be lower conversion rates initially, but over time you can use the lead generation strategies to build up revenue properly.

Effective Marketing Tips for Tech Startups

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9. Email Marketing:

Using the process of email marketing to deliver newsletters, whitepapers and e-books to potential prospects and leads will help you in establishing a nice relationship with prospects. Email marketing can be used to deliver offers, information, industry and company updates to new prospects and already signed up leads too. Creating a successful and effective email campaign requires having a strategy. Segmenting your mailing list can help make your message more suited to individual audiences and therefore more effective.

Marketing Tips for Tech Startups

You can also buy IT email database. The IT email database give you the list of companies along with the contact information of CEOs, managers, executives, decision makers and all the vital influencers of the company. Leverage this information to boost your sales and achieve greater ROI.

10. Using Paid Ads:

Using paid ads for the purpose of spreading word around or creating a PPC marketing campaign is another great way to improve your marketing. This creates traffic, revenue and the brand awareness because of the advertisements. Its an all rounder package to use such paid services. Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and so on can help you get the prospects you need for your sales funnel.

Effective Marketing Tips for Tech Startups

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As a software startup company, the focus has to be on building consumer trust as well as becoming known to the public. Focus on growth and quality when it comes to channeling your marketing and having a great product or service acts as a shield against failure. There are a lot of startups trying to make their mark as well, so following these tips considering in mind all the points mentioned can help in a great growth. Profits and happy customer will start coming to your company in no time.

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