10 Best Sales Dialer Software

What is a Sales Dialer Software?

Before going into the list of various sales dialer software, one must understand the concept or meaning of sales dialerAeroleads sales dialer 2 software.

First, what is a dialer?

A dialer is an application used in call centers to automate the process of dialing to external phone numbers so that the agents can attend to certain calls selectively.

Now, what is a sales dialer?

Sales dialer is basically a person or thing that dials an electronic device attached to a telephone to call pre-selected numbers automatically through a software when activated.
Just click to call and all of the data we need is automatically logged. The software is normally a dialer who helps in the sales productivity.
Also, you could contact the customers yourself through calls, messages, emails, etc.

What is the need?

Well, companies, as well as call-centers, want to increase the productivity per agent they have employed. So, they monitor the time which is spent by an agent to talk to a prospective customer. So, when tAeroleads sales dialerhe agents are provided with a database, they’re asked to call to various prospects.

It is noticed that the effective time spent in talking to the customers is very low as many calls are not picked up, answered by fax machines, busy etc. So, the agents spend more time dialing numbers than actually talking. That is why many outbound call centers employ dialers that automatically dials the phone numbers on behalf of the agents, to increase their efficiency, which is sometimes measured in Talk Time per Hour (TTH).

However, in the sales aspect, the concept and the need for a sales dialer remains the same. But the only difference is that here, the company installs various software to help with the process.

List of 10 Best Sales Dialer Software

Here are few of the best sales dialer software which you could use in order to grow your lead generation.

1) SalesDialers

SalersDialers (click here for details)

One of the well-known sales dialers software is SalerDialers.com. They work on the principle to squeeze out as many sales as they could by each agent.

Also, it’s a well-maintained user-defined interface which allows the users/customers to provide suggestions as well. It can also be connected to the mobile phones, hence, you could get message alerts, voice messages, etc.

Aeroleads - salesdialers

2) Ring.io

Ring.io (click here for details)

With Ring.io, you could easily get twice or thrice the boost in rep productivity. You could make more calls and connect with more prospects.

It also has an additional feature to automatically list out the local area phone numbers. They have been integrated with Salesforce and Zoho as well. The pricing starts from $49 for Zoho and $79 for salesforce.

Aeroleads - ringio

3) InsideSales

InsideSales (click here for details)

InsideSales.com offers the sales industry’s first comprehensive sales acceleration platform that creates high-performance sales teams with breakthrough technology. One of the most powerful sales dialer software is the InsideSales.

Pricing has not been mentioned. So go ahead and discover what sales acceleration technology can do for your business.

Aeroleads - insidesales


4) Ozonetel

Ozonetel (click here for details)

Want a call efficient as well as a cost-efficient sales dialer software? You could definitely try Ozonetel. Their auto dialers can help your sales and lead generation teams improve their efficiency.

They can help you in a sales process, where leads need to be called instantaneously, or customer support desk where customers need to be called back when calls go unanswered, or a simple IVR blast that you want to send to your existing or potential customers. They also have a feature to filer DND customers.

Aeroleads - ozonetel

5) InsideSalesBox

InsideSalesBox (click here for details)

Another one of the powerful software is the InsideSalesBox. It’s simple and easy to use.

The software has a Power Dial with no breaks in the call sequence. It also enables you to send follow up emails voice mail as well) just after you contact your customer. Another feature is the ability to record and track your calls. So this results in a more effective sales rep.

Aeroleads - insidesalesbox


6) PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner (click here for details)

This sales dialer software, not just calls numbers at will, but they frustrate live answers with abrupt recordings or subject people to awkward pauses or connection delays. They also have the ability of sorting. Better sorting means more productive dial sessions

It basically helps salespeople be smarter, fresher, better organized, and more productive on the phone. Their plans start at $67.50 after your free trial with absolutely no setup fees, and no additional usage fees.

Aeroleads - phoneburner


7) SalesLoft

SalesLoft (click here for details)

It’s a modern communication system to connect, qualify, and convert target accounts into customer accounts, faster. It easily lets you connect with more buyers, from within the applications you use most. For example, Gmail, google chrome, salesforce, etc.

Get faster, more efficient, and more precise, without changing the way you work. It also, automatically matches the area code of your outgoing dial to the current area code of the lead you’re dialing to give you an edge and make more connections. Sorting, voicemail, etc are also some of its features.

Aeroleads - salesloft

8) RingDNA

RingDNA (click here for details)

Inside sales teams use RingDNA to dramatically increase productivity, engage in smarter sales conversations, gain predictive sales insight and coach reps to success faster than ever before.

It basically automates virtually every trivial task while ensuring that 100% of call activity is logged in Salesforce. RingDNA also provides sales reps with intelligent talking points that keep them on message during calls.

Aeroleads - ringdna

9) Voicent

Voicent (click here for details)

The Voicent software automatically connects your agents with callers when there is a live call, automatically shows follow up calls, and detects busy lines and answering machines.

With Voicent’s omni-channel capabilities, you can send appointment reminders to your clients as a voice recording, text message, and/or email; then collect their confirmations through the same channels.

Aeroleads - voicenet

10) HelloHunter

HelloHunter (click here for details)

From as low as $10/month per user, you can use HelloHunter cloud-based dialer services under your own company brand, name, and logo.

Host all your clients on their full-featured outbound dialing system. It’s available in multiple languages and you can get free website content and marketing support as well. Private label options start with only a $500 down payment. Contact us for full pricing and setup information and increase your sales and productivity up to 300% overnight.

Aeroleads - hellohunter


An efficient Sales Dialer Software is a must for any business company’s growth. So, hopefully, this list helps you decide what works best for your company.

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