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Lead generation plugins are one of the most if not the most vital part of any business. 

If you don’t take your lead generation strategy seriously, then you are going to face serious trouble boosting your sales. 

For one, more than 75 percent of first-time website visitors don’t ever come back. 

That’s why you need to start turning those visitors into leads. 

There are so many lead generation tactics to get your money’s worth. However, there are other simpler ways to generate leads without any hassle. 

WordPress Plugins are a highly reliable source for generating high-quality valid leads that carry a high propensity to convert into paying customers.

This is where WordPress lead generation plugins come into the game. 

We scoured through the internet and found some of the best lead generation plugins for WordPress for you to try out. 

So, let’s get started!

We scoured through the internet and found some of the best lead generation plugins for WordPress for you to try out. You can combine any of them with any of these WordPress themes and WordPress dark mode plugin

Top 10 Lead Generation Plugins for WordPress 

1. OptinMonster


Used by over 70,000 websites, OptinMonster is one of the most popular lead generation WordPress plugins on the internet. It turns your fresh web traffic into leads, conversions, and sales. 

This WordPress plugin works in three easy steps: 

Step#1 OptinMonster offers plenty of pre-built templates that are specifically designed to offer maximum conversions. You can also customize the details using easy drag-and-drop builder without any know-how of coding. 

Step#2 Using powerful targeted campaigns and segmentation, it allows you to personalize your offers with automation, which then eventually leads to an increase in website conversions. 

Step#3 After everything else is done, you can then test all your ideas and adjust them in real time. 

Other prominent features offered by OptinMonster: 

  • Offers attractive lead capture forms
  • Multiple form types 
  • Easy A/B testing 
  • Exit-intent technology 
  • Robust analytics and insights 

2. LeadBoxer


This WordPress plugin lets you know exactly when your leads are ready-to-buy. 

LeadBoxer automatically identifies who your website visitors are, and then track their website journey accordingly. As they continue to track the whole buyer-journey, they then proceed to send you notifications with a list of your most qualified leads. This way you know whom to engage with and when to engage them. 

Other key features include: 

  • Allows you to identify unknown website users. 
  • Tracks your leads’ entire buyer journey 
  • Works on qualifying your leads 
  • Filter out the leads and find the best ones from the lot 
  • Import qualified leads to your email inbox, right away

3. HelloBar

lead generation -Plugin-Hello-Bar

If you want to immediately convert mere visitors into permanent paying customers, then Hello Bar is the right WordPress plugin for you. 

This WordPress plugin allows you to create tons of different types of popups and lead generation forms. And the best things about the app is that it is extremely easy to use. You don’t have to tweak any code or go to extended lengths — the tools work pretty much automatically. 

Moreover, it is founded by Neil Patel, who is kind of a big deal in the realm of marketing. It’s a given that people would gravitate towards his product. That said, Hello Bar is well worth the hype around. 

It also allows you to build customized popups, as per your own preference. 

4. Bloom

lead generation-Plugin-Bloom

Bloom is a perfect WordPress plugin for lead generation and customizable email opt-in forms. 

Thanks to its engaging, creative, and not to forget customizable email opt-in forms, lead generation has become much easier than ever. 

This WordPress plugin offers plenty of tools under its ambit to help you kickstart and scale up your lead generation process. And it not only offers great features but also looks great while doing it.

Most attractive features include: 

  • Boosts your email marketing efforts. They also claim to grow your engagement by 20 times. 
  • Lets you target or exclude certain posts and pages. 
  • Offers hundreds of pre-existing, yet customizable templates. 

5. MailOptin


This WordPress plugin, as the name suggests, help you convert new website visitors into percent customers or subscribers using attractive, customized opt-in forms. With MailOptin, you can also create automated, trigger-based follow-up emails. 

It offers a perfect blend of lead generation and email automation using attractive features, like: 

  • It incorporates attractive Lightbox popup in your marketing strategy. 
  • Helps you attach notification bar at the top or bottom of any webpage without interrupting the buyer’s experience. 
  • Offers slide-in boxes to grab prospects’ attention 
  • Automatically sends reminders to your subscribers every time you post a new blog post or any other form of content. 

6. Sumo


Sumo by SumoMe is one of the most powerful lead generation WordPress plugins available on the internet. 

And this is not us who are saying this. In fact, this lead generation plugin for WordPress is used by WordPress experts over 37,000 businesses all across the world. It is best used to convert your prospects into customers, retain your existing customers, and delight your users. 

Here are the other features Sumo is best known for:  

  • It introduces timely, attractive popups on your website and helps you grow your email list. 
  • Helps you run drip email marketing campaign and communicate with your subscribers so as to convert them and compel them to purchase from you. 
  • Helps you kickstart your omnichannel marketing efforts and retain existing customers and at the same time helps you re-engage previous customers. 
  • Identify ROI and sales from each customer you have. 

7. Elementor Popup Builder


As the name suggests, Elementor Popup Builder plugin for WordPress is primarily used to build amazing and engaging plugins to attract your audience, as well provide you most reliable Elementor WordPress hosting. It compels your website visitors to subscribe to your email list, which you can further use to convert them into permanent customers. 

With Elementor, you can build any time of popup you want. From Exit intent to the ones laden with announcements or from lead capture popups to welcome mat, you have plenty of options to choose from. 

Other attractive features include: 

  • Seamlessly gets incorporated into your WordPress site. 
  • Unlimited features like page-views, interactions, and popups. 
  • Customized, easy to use pop-ups

8. HubSpot


HubSpot is a perfect lead generation plugin for WordPress. From lead generation forms to attractive and actionable popups and incorporating Live Chat to increase engagement, it covers every aspect of lead generation.

Build and add forms and popups to your website in minutes using the drag and drop form builder. You can choose from four types of WordPress forms:

  • Incorporate Inline form right away into your WordPress site.
  • Place engaging popups both at the bottom or at the top of your webpage
  • Top banners: add sticky or normal popups at the top to grab your prospects’ attention
  • Slide-in boxes: Small boxes that slide in from the side or bottom of the page

9. Icegram


This lead generation plugin for WordPress not only helps you build a qualified email list, but also helps you nurture your leads so as to quickly turn them into your customers. 

It allows you to collect important email leads and thus help you boost your website visitors and ebook downloads. 

Icegram is a perfect fit for marketers. Here’s why: 

  • Automatically nurtures your leads 
  • Create and incorporate beautiful and actionable lead capture forms on your website and email campaigns. 
  • Offers unlimited customizations
  • Amazing customer support 

With amazing customer support, it is a must-have WordPress plugin for marketers and sales professionals. 

10. Thrive Leads

lead generation-Plugins-Thrive-Leads

With attractive features, Thrive Leads is a great plugin for WordPress if you want to scale up your mailing list. 

And it not only builds your mailing list but also helps you with conversion optimization of your website visitors. 

They offer four big benefits for your business: 

  • Create any type of opt-in form with quick steps and easily incorporate it in your website 
  • Advanced targeting to grow a more qualified and profitable email list 
  • Highly advanced and easy to implement A/B testing features 
  • Robust and engaging analytics and customer insights 


To conclude, this amazing lead generation plugins for WordPress will help you grow your business tremendously. 

But don’t forget that they are only going to help you with your lead generation strategy if you put your own efforts along with your time. With marketing and lead generation, you have to also work with persistence and patience because you are unlikely to see substantial results in a few weeks. 

If you want to see better results for your lead generation efforts, then it’s better to use lead generation Chrome plugins too, along with WordPress plugins. These lead generation plugins for Chrome will also help you boost your lead generation process without any hassle. Read here: 20 Must-Have Lead Generation Tools To Boost Sales [Updated in 2019]

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