10 Best B2B Sales Practices To Boost Your Revenue

“Sales” is one thing that every single business has in common. 

Notwithstanding the niche of the business, the main motto is to sell something. 

Now, another common thing that every business has in common is the difficulty they often face while selling a product or service.

The main issue with generating a final sale is that you have to first acquire a lead… no, hold on! You have to first create an ideal customer profile (ICP) to determine the quality and productive leads and then go about acquiring the leads. Then when you finally acquire the leads, the whole lengthy process of generating revenue starts. 

So, it always comes down to one crucial thing – How to make the final sale? 

Many businesses are still using the oldest trick in the book, that is to guarantee your customers and ask them to purchase their product or service. However, is it any good? 

Instead, let’s have a look at these 10 most effective ways that will help you sell faster than before. 

1. Point out your most popular plan 

People buy most of the things just because they are following in the footsteps of other people. That is, if something has the name – popular – attached to it, then the chances of it getting sold are more than its contemporaries. 

Why do you think that even the most prominent brands use the terms like “California’s #1 Brand” or “most iconic brand in the country”. 

Because all these fuels the demand and people want to go after such products by jumping in the bandwagon. Secondly, these statements prove to be a “social proof” or tells your customer that the product can be trusted since so many people have been buying it. 

To use this effect to your advantage, you should point to the most popular plan or option on your pricing page. Don’t be afraid to promote it heavily.

Most popular package AeroLeads

In the above image, the company has used the “most popular” banner by making it pop out using a circular image. 

However, don’t lie or be fake about your most popular product. Because you can’t dupe your customer and expect them to remain a customer after that. 

2. Leverage Social Media platforms 

The best way to generate massive sales is by leveraging the heck out of social media platforms. 

And those of you who are not yet diving head deep into social media marketing for your sales, are actually doing a great disservice to your brand. 

Out of an estimated world population of 7.524 billion people, over 3 billion people are logging into social media accounts around the world. This means, that about 40 per cent of the global population is currently engaged in social media. 

And to think that you are missing out on this hub of leads and prospects. 

But, not anymore! 

Have a look at these two major tips and generate huge sales using your social media channels. 

Engage with your audience


IBM Social Media

This one is quite obvious. You can’t expect to have your prospects’ attention without paying your own attention to them and their problems. Try to engage with your audience by posting light-hearted, witty and inspiring content.

Show your company’s lighter side including your work culture, behind the scenes of the projects and more to bind your audience and make them connect with your brand.

Contact social media influencers

Influencer Marketing sales

We keep on hearing about how Roger Federer or any other celebrity for that matter is charging hundreds of millions of dollars to endorse various brands. However, to have that amount of budget is not possible for every brand, thus you have another option to resort to – social media influencers.

And to be honest, their outreach isn’t half bad. In fact, these social media influencers are quite popular in their niche. Moreover, people actually look up to their suggestions.

3. Add testimonials and give your credibility a proof 

Just like every customer looks after the most popular plan, similarly, they also want to make sure that they are buying from someone who has a legion of happy and satisfied customers. 

However, don’t give out anonymous or vague testimonials. 

Say, for example, if your testimonials sound something like this… 

Nice product. 

by Joe 

Who the heck is Joe? 

Who cares about some anonymous Joe who thinks that your product is “nice”? 

It actually sounds like something that you, yourself has done. And rather than giving your brand a credibility, it might end up hurting your image. So, instead of adding these vague testimonials, ask your customers to give out genuine reviews and then add them to your testimonial page along with the full name and some sort of information about the customer. 

Testimonial 1 Sales

What will take your testimonials to the next level are the images of the people who are vouching for your credibility. Because it is imperative to identify who is giving out the information so that your audience will be able to relate. 

Furthermore, by giving out the image and contact information or any sort of information of the client who has given out the testimonial, you are proving that you have nothing to hide. That is, all the praises that you have gotten are indeed true. It also gives your prospects or potential customers a chance to reach out and verify whether these testimonials are valid. 

4. Offer guarantee to increase sales

Before we began with our tips, we disused how giving a guarantee that your product is good is not enough. 

But there’s another kind of guarantee that will work wonders for your sale. That is, “the money-back guarantee”. 

This money-back guarantee makes sure that your customers are satisfied enough to shell out their money to buy your product. 

Basically, with this, you are promising your customer that you will refund their money if you fail to meet all the terms & conditions. Common conditions include customer satisfaction with the product, price match, or even the results the customer has with the product.

It ensures the customers that you are the one brand who is willing to walk the talk and are not just spewing anything to sell your product. 

5. Integrate live chat with your business website

Live Chat

We are living in the times when people are not willing to wait. If they don’t find something they are looking for, they will exit your website immediately without even bothering to skim down the pages to find it. 

So, you should have a live chat option on your website that will give your customers an option to quickly interact and seek answers to their questions. If not for live chat, customers have no other option to seek answers to their trivial, but pressing questions. 

Come to think of it, how many customers would go to the length of writing an email or placing a phone call just to get answers to their questions? To allay this, many business websites now use live chat option which is proving to be wonderful for their conversion rate as well. 

In fact, according to Gartner, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human. 

So, if you are yet to add live chat to your website, then there’s still some time to do that. Otherwise, you might end up being left behind in the race. 

6. Put emphasis on your benefits, not on the features 

If you are a Digital Marketing Firm, how would you sell your services? 

By telling people how wonderful your features are? By telling them the services that you offer? 

If that is the way you are using, then you are committing a grave mistake! Contrary to what you might think, your product or services won’t sell just because your product is “great”. 

Highlighting your “benefits” along with your “features” is imperative, if not more important. However, many salespeople often overlook this. 

Harvard Business School conducted a research study and found that products of all kinds sell because of their benefits. But, the benefits that drive sales aren’t always obvious from the customer’s perspective.

Thus, no matter what mode you are using to sell your product – email, cold calling or social selling – make sure that you highlight the befit of your product along with the features.

Have a look at the example below: 

Apple sale strategy

No one does it better than Apple. 

Their products have turned into a cult, of course, because of their amazing products. However, it wouldn’t have been all that hadn’t it been for their exceptional marketing. In the above ad, the tagline – “1,000 songs in your pocket” – suggests and makes the customers envision a better future and they can imagine for themselves how wonderful this benefit will be. 

7. Give away something for free 

Whether is it a free trial, or a customary gift or a little something extra along with your services, try to entice your customers by giving away something for free. 

When you are selling something online or offline, give something to your customer that is of some value to them.

For example, you can always give a free trial to your first-time customers. 

Dropbox free trial

This helps the customers to get themselves familiar with your product before deciding whether it is worthy or not. In the above example, it is evident that along with giving out a free trial, the company has made the process extremely easy for their customers by mentioning the fact that no credit cards are needed. Thus, along with giving out a free item or a free trial, make sure that it is easy for your customers to acquire it. 

If you are an author, you can offer a few chapters of your e-book for free. There are a whole lot of other options as well. Just remember that whatever you are offering should not be frivolous, but should actually be beneficial to the customer. 

8. Optimize your call to action & make them more personal 

A lot of businesses work to make their call to actions more attractive. However, they fail to make them relatable to the customer. 

For example, many websites use generic language in their call to action buttons that says something like – “start free trial” 

How can you make something like this more personal? Something that will tell the audience that the product is out there to service them. 

It is quite simple. Consider using a first- or second-person pronoun like “my” or “you.” 

Now try this out – “Start your free trial”. 

CTA Button

Doesn’t it look more personal, juxtaposed to the erstwhile command-like call to action button? In fact, it actually looks like a friend suggesting other friend to do something. And it goes without saying that it’s the latter one which will compel the potential customers to click on the call to action button. 

Apart from this, you can consider using more witty and colloquial language that is even more effective. 

CTA Button 2

Due to this eye-grabbing catch phrase, it is expected that many visitors will be compelled to click on the call to action button. 

9. Improve your website design 

It is obvious that what looks good sells better. There are no two ways about it.

Half the things sell because of how they look. The same goes for B2B businesses. If your website has a nice user interface, it is a sign of the fact that you have the credibility when it comes to your services. 

Thus, it would be better if you could consider hiring a professional web designer to give your website, especially your sales page a major uplift. 

Have a look at these before-after images. 

The latter image sports brighter and bolder colours on the sales page making it shine out more, which will compel the visitors to take notice. Thus, it is extremely important to make gradual changes to your website. It is also highly advisable to use bold popping colours, along with more distinct call-to-action buttons. 

10. Sell for a longer time period 

You want to sell more and generate more revenue? Then one of the easiest way is to sell more in one go. 

Especially if you are in a SaaS industry, you can use this trick to your advantage. While selling on monthly subscription has it perks, however, you can compel your potential buyers to invest in a yearly plan. 

The best way to do that is by offering huge discounts , thus giving your customers a better deal. On your sales page, include a mention of your annual plan. However, make sure to provide compelling reasons to pay yearly.


If you have been working to increase your sales and boost your revenue, but to no avail, you can now use these practices and see the improved results. 

Apple these time-honoured, clever ways without spending big dollar notes. Whatever you try, you should base it on the best research and make sure to test it yourself.

Which practices have you been using to increase your sales? 


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