Advanced Lead Generation Glossary

If you are new to Lead Generation, few terms can be confusing ? So here is an advanced lead generation glossary (I took the categories from Capterra) which covers almost every term used in lead generation marketing business.

Call routing
A technology that allows you to route a placed call from one end to the other through a network, as the means to reduce costs as well as reduce the congestion time during the day.

Activity Tracking
Activity Tracking is a technique that allows you to find all the important information about the current marketing endeavors, and how many results did you get from the current campaign.

Affiliate Management
This is a service that allows you to track the number of affiliates working for your company and the results that they are bringing. This way you can figure out the payments you owe to them as well as the amount of sales you made through third parties.

Auto-Dialer is a type of hardware that you can use in order to run apps for IVR, voice mail, as well as lead generation in a simultaneous manner. This helps you stay in touch with your customers via the telephone line and increases the efficiency of your company

Call Recording
This is a service that allows you to record the calls made from/to your company in order to make the whole process safer and more convenient. Companies all over the world use call recording as the means to track the content of the calls and provide better services.

Campaign Management
Campaign Management often run by lead generation agencies to coordinate all the important features during a lead generation campaign.

CRM tools
Contact management tools used to save prospect and lead details as well as other relevant information.

Email Integration
Email Integration allows email management in various CRM and lead generation tools as you try to generate more leads in your campaigns.

Lead Capture
Lead Capture is the process (often TOFU) through which you generate prospects and leads. Some of the ways to capture leads is through landing pages, emails, phones etc

Lead Distribution
This process takes place after the lead capture, as the company distributes the acquired data to other companies, often to the company which will use the data to get clients.

Lead Nurturing
This is a process that allows you to create a relationship with other leads even if they are not your current clients, with the main purpose being the generation of future prospects.

Lead Scoring
Lead Scoring is a technique that helps you rank all the prospects that your company has with the use of a scale that showcases their importance for the company.

Lead Segmentation
Lead Segmentation is a process that allows you to segment your leads in order to get the right audience for your upcoming marketing campaign, as the means to improve efficiency.

Lead Verification
Lead Verification allows you to verify the validity and importance of the leads you acquire through the lead acquisition process, to see if they are valid for your campaign.

Ping / Post
Ping / Post is a system that provides the ability to purchase and sell leads at a high volume and premium prices with discounts and great results, since you will not lose any money in this regard.

Pipeline Management
This is a cross project management tool that allows you to keep track of all the activities that are associated with objectives in your lead generation process.

Prospecting Tools
Prospecting Tools are applications that allow you to get better results as you try to find leads in the lead generation process.

Source Tracking
Through Source Tracking you have the unique opportunity to track the source of the leads and figure out if they are viable for your current project.

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